Intriguing Uses of AI in the Hiring Process

As more businesses and organizations continue to use AI to automate repetitive work and improve overall business operations, recruitment and hiring processes driven or assisted by AI may be the new norm.

Through the years, recruiters and hiring managers have been doing repetitive and tedious tasks of designing processes and systems to fill talent gaps in organizations. However, businesses must constantly improve their operations to become more efficient and cost-effective. This is where AI comes in.

With that, what are the implications of integrating AI in hiring and recruitment? What are the intriguing perks of using AI to enhance the current practices we have? Read on.

Chatbots are the new interns of HR.

Chatbots are becoming the common front liners of organizations in social media. Since people are now used to interacting with these programs, recruiters now have more time to focus on the shortlisted applicants and let AI do the screening of thousands of applications for them.

As we know, chatbots can be programmed to analyze keywords in resumes and filter out candidates by asking preliminary questions, from which they can shortlist and begin pooling talents for the interview and onboarding initiatives.

AI can predict talent gaps in organizations.

Since AI is based on advanced machine learning, AI has the ability to evaluate and connect data to data. With this, it can predict information on upcoming jobs that will emerge in the future and even the skills that are required to fill these employment gaps. What does this mean to employers?

With companies using AI in recruitment, the work of recruiters and hiring managers will still be valuable but now, they are more focused on working with the most qualified candidates. Thus, reducing repetitive tasks and being more efficient in the recruitment and hiring processes.

AI in hiring helps eliminate human bias.

One major role of AI in recruitment is to assist in a more objective candidate screening and selection process. In traditional hiring, recruiters and employers tend to have pre-judgment on applicants and/or interviewees which may affect the overall result of the screening session. With AI, the focus is on the qualifications and credentials to select the most qualified candidates based on their set parameters.

Candidates’ social media accounts are also looked into by AI.

With the help of AI assessing potential candidates’ social media behavior, companies can analyze these data and evaluate their personality.

We know that checking a job candidate’s social media accounts has always been part of the traditional hiring process. However, an AI-driven initiative to look into these profiles is way different and more advanced. AI systems focus more on the behavior of potential candidates on how they post and talk about things on their pages. For example, if a potential job candidate tends to talk about things using positive words on social media, then more likely, they’re more agreeable as an individual. With this, recruiters can manage their first impressions with the shortlisted candidates, which can make the whole hiring and recruitment process more manageable.

With these intriguing advancements, it’s worthwhile for job seekers to take these into consideration on how to properly plan out their strategies as they go about their job search.
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