Gen Z Traits Recruiters Need to Know to Attract and Hire Them

Bossjob Gen Z Traits Recruiters Need to Know to Attract and Hire Them

Recent studies show that Millennials and Gen Z constitute 38% of the global workforce. This percentage is expected to increase to about 58% by 2030. These developments show that recruiters should be prepared to absorb a high Gen Z workforce to keep up with demographic changes. However, generational shifts can be intimidating to recruiters as each generation differs from the other. Understanding the traits of each generation can make recruitment effortless and successful. Consequently, it is vital to point down Gen Z traits that can enhance hiring success for recruiters. Here are some of them.

1. Gen Z is Approachable

Gen Z is recognizably one of the most open-minded generations. These Gen Z traits of open-mindedness and approachability make this generation the most diverse and inclusive. Approachability can allow recruiters to use recruitment avenues that have traditionally been eschewed, such as text recruitment . Gen Z’s are unlikely to be irked by text messages or unconventional messaging approaches on business matters.

2. Gen Z is More Tech-Savvy

Gen Z was born in an era of technological advancement and social media explosion. This means that they are more technologically informed than any other generation. Tech savviness as one of the major Gen Z traits explains why some of the major jobs Gen Z’s are interested in are technologically leaning. Recruiters can use this trait to create meaningful content and build more attractive career sites on their websites.

3. Gen Z Loves Instant Gratification

Gen Z has grown at a time when information is processed and relayed faster. This has compelled them to love instant gratification and results. Additionally, Gen Z loves to be recognized for their work and appreciated for their accomplishments. Integrating the concept of instant gratification in the hiring process can be an effective strategy for increasing hiring success for Gen Z and retaining them in an organization.

4. Gen Z Prefer Highly Collaborative and Competitive Environments

Gen Z loves understanding what their employers expect of them and prefer collaborating to performing tasks individually. This allows them to develop their skills in the workplace, perform better, and grow. They are usually the first to want to finish a task, fulfill an objective, and get compensated for it. This element of competition has progressively been imparted into this generation by gamification, where games provide specific prizes for completing a task or a goal. Gamification also necessitates collaboration and has been vital in building a sense of community in this generation. Understanding these two Gen Z traits can help recruiters determine what to offer when attracting Gen Z’s and overcome recruitment challenges.

Gen Z traits arise from the environment in which they have grown in. Some of these traits can be difficult to understand as they arise from unique cultures, such as gamification. However, by making an effort to understand these traits, recruiters can massively streamline their hiring processes and attract more candidates from this generational cohort. The trick is for recruiters to continually immerse themselves with members of this generation and try to get a first-hand experience of their mannerisms.

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