What’s the Best Answer to “Why Should We Hire You?”

Bossjob What’s the Best Answer to Why Should We Hire You

One of the most commonly asked questions during a job interview is the classic “Why should we hire you?”. While most recruiters and hiring managers ask this question to know more about what you can offer as a professional, you must also treat this as an opportunity to “sell” yourself. Your answer to “Why should we hire you?” must let you present your unique value proposition as a job candidate without sounding too braggy nor unconfident.

Here are the 10 best answers to “Why should we hire you?”

1. Mention your quantifiable achievements.

“In the past 2 years I’ve spent with ABC Company, I was able to bring about exemplary results. WIth my supervisory experience where I’ve raised output by 35%, I believe I am well-equipped to be your next project manager.”

2. Highlight how you’re the best candidate for the position.

“In your job posting, you specifically mentioned that you were looking to fill a position needing a mid- or intermediate level of supervisory experience. With that, my job application showed you that I have 6 years of hotel management work history. During those years, I was able to increase sales by 43% while cutting overhead.”

3. Express your interest to work with the company.

“I have been an avid fan of how you have been delivering topnotch customer service as you build your name in the food industry. XYZ Restaurant has always made quality food and service a pleasure, and I would be honored to say I work for you. On top of that, I believe that my agility and multitasking skills would help me go a long way in becoming the best restaurant supervisor possible.”

4. Show that you’ve done your research about the organization.

“I am aware of your company’s aim to overhaul your entire marketing department. As you have seen from my resume and cover letter, not only do my professional background and experiences overlap with what you’re looking for, but my exceptional skills as a marketing consultant for ABC Marketing Solutions could be well-suited to help you expand further.”

5. Explain how and why your background is relevant to the role.

“Even if I’m a recent graduate, my coursework, major, and minor all fit this position. Aside from that, I was also able to gain some relevant work experience during my previous internship and volunteer work, as all mentioned in my resume.”

6. Let the interviewer know how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity.

“Since I’ve been here in this town for the past year, I’ve frequented this restaurant a lot and I’ve always been impressed by the friendly staff, great service, and awesome food. If you allowed me the chance to prove myself, I am sure that I would be a great addition to your amazing team. This, along with my relevant work experience, is why you should hire me!”

7. Detail how your work values align with the company.

“Going through these series of job interviews and getting to know other team members allowed me to make a sense of your work environment. They seem like just my kind of people: helpful, approachable, and reliable. I would love to be given the chance to show you how I would fit in, as these characteristics really align well with mine!”

8. Leave an open-ended answer.

“I believe that my job application documents speak well for themselves when it comes to showing my relevant work experiences and skills. With that, I would like to detail the traits and characteristics that I believe make me a good fit for the position…

Is there anything else I can specify that would help you see that I’m the best fit for the role?”

9. Align your interest to apply with the company goals.

“I read from your job ad that you need someone who is friendly and approachable to handle new clients in your consultancy firm, and I believe I am just the one for this role!”

10. Express some flattery!

“I’ve been eyeing to land my dream position as a marketing supervisor in an esteemed agency. When I saw your most recent job posting, I sent in my application right away! I knew that there would be no place I’d rather work!”

Be sure to keep it realistic, backed up with facts, and straight to the point. Avoid mentioning too-good-to-be-true statements which could jeopardize your overall application.

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