3 New Hiring Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

New hire mistakes can be costly as well as counterproductive for any organization. Apart from making all efforts, time, as well as the money expended on the recruitment process amounting to nothing, wrong recruits may also impede growth. And in the extreme, it may cause an organization to close shop. Therefore, the onus is on the hiring managers to avoid new hire mistakes at all costs during the recruitment process.

There is no doubt that the recruiting and training of new employees can be time and financially demanding for most organizations, especially startups. Studies have shown that businesses spend an average of 21% of an employee’s annual salary to get a replacement. So, it is imperative for recruitment officers to be aware of those mistakes that may eventually cost the company more.

In case you’re planning to onboard new staff for your company anytime soon, here are 3 new hire mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

1. Avoid not doing your due diligence

When planning to hire a new employee, it is important that you take your time to ensure you’re not only recruiting a suitable candidate among the numerous applicants, but you’re hiring the right person to the right position. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to details in the resume so you can pick out candidates with valuable qualities as well as pin-point those red flags that may make some candidates unsuitable based on your set criteria.

Of course, anyone can claim to be anything on their resume. It is your obligation to weed out those that you believe won’t deliver results for you by checking out their background through their references or any other means possible. If you hire someone who is severely unqualified for the vacant position, it will certainly be a lost for your company. However, if you onboard the right way, then you have set your organization on the right path towards improved productivity.

2. Avoid being indifferent to new hires

Your new employees deserve all the attention you can give to them on their arrival. So, no matter how busy you may be, try to welcome them warmly and properly to make them feel at home in the new work environment. Ensure that you introduce the new hires formally to the old staff, show them around to see your facilities, and be sure they are given proper orientation and training to help them settle down confidently in their new position. With a warm welcome, you’re certainly equipping you new hires to give their best to your establishment.

3. Avoid hiring without properly defined roles and responsibilities

If you want your new hires to be productive in their new positions, you must ensure their roles as well as their responsibilities are well defined. Avoid putting new hires in an unorganized work environment where responsibilities are not properly assigned. If roles and responsibilities are not properly defined, some of the older hands in the organization may start leaving parts of their own responsibilities to the newcomers, thereby putting too much workload on them. This may slowdown their performance. If nothing is done to mitigate the situation, some new hires may decide to quit. 


Hiring managers must be conscious of new hire mistakes and try as much as possible to avoid them if they want to help their organization build a successful business. No doubt, the three tips discussed will help you avoid costly mistakes when next you’re bringing in new hires.

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