8 Secrets to Attract and Hire the Best Talent

The success of your company depends largely on the quality of employees you hired. While the definition of success may vary  for different businesses, but a company with talented and capable employees is definitely more efficient than those without.

With so many companies out there fighting for the top talent, how can your stand out from the crowd? Follow these tips to attract and hire great talent for your company:

1. Start with the purpose

What is your company about? What the grand vision and what makes it good and fit for your value proposition for your employees? This helps attract the best talent as knowing why you want to do what you do motivates them to apply.

2. Who are you for?

Recruiting is actually a lot like marketing. Identify your target audience and know what type of candidates you want to attract. For this point, you have to understand your company’s unique selling points. What makes it different from others? What can you offer that people can’t get elsewhere? This also relates branding as to what makes your company, your company? Make some good noise.

3. Trust your employees

Some employees resign just because they feel that they are not being trusted. Ask yourself why would you hire someone and yet you don’t trust them to do what they are supposed to do? Making them feel like you are entrusting them the company including its name, encourage them to do better as they know they represent the company.

4. Invest in your employees

What’s there to lose if you invest in your employees especially if they would stay for a long time? Investing in them means being a support to their growth. We use the word “invest” as it is a win-win situation. You help them grow, and they help you and your company grow, too. This includes providing them trainings, workshops, and other facets of self-improvement. Self-improvement comes along growth which should always be part of one’s long-term career plan.

5. Be flexible and unique

Have you heard of Google’s cool office? Well, it’s something you can Google if you haven’t. Think of something new so your company can veer away from the traditional stereotype of a company. 8-5 shift? Why not make it flexible? Give your employees freedom to choose between, 7-4, 9-6, and whatsoever while retaining the required amount of work hours. Veer away from the traditional office culture that does not value work-life balance and individuality. Whatever suits your company, give your employees a little flexibility! This could be one of the reasons talents would chase your company to apply at.

6. Social media presence? Yes.

One important thing to note now is learn to utilize social media. Social media is now one of the most important channels for outreach. Many multinational corporations have their own business page and are actively building their online presence. With social media, companies are now visible in one click and a good way to show potential candidates what your company can offer.

7. Be real

Don’t offer what you can’t afford. Not only it’s unethical to lie about your company, applicants have the right to know what they they are dealing with. Being transparent is important to avoid any expectation mismatch in the future. Remember trust? It comes two ways. You have to be real and trustworthy so your employees trust you back. The key here is be real as your potential employees are expecting total transparency from you.

8. Establish connections

And yes, this is needed. Touch base with potential employees even the ones who currently work for others. Sounds familiar? This is how employers poach high potential employees from other companies. Touch basing gives them the idea that you want them in your team despite having the knowledge that they are still employed somewhere else. Try offering a better price and roster of benefits!

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