6 Fool-Proof Tips to Ace Your Next Video Interview

Even though video interviews aren’t fairly new in the job hunt scene, we can’t deny that more and more employers are opting for these due to our current health and community protocols. Recruiters invite job candidates for an online screening to maintain physical distancing, but a video interview can be as challenging for anyone who’s not ready for it. Now, are you prepared to ace yours? Heed these top video interview tips to score that dream interview and land your target job in no time!

1. Review!

Prepare for a video interview as you would for a physical one. Research about the sample video interview questions and answers to have an idea on how you should address them. Moreover, know about the company’s basic details and their values to be well-equipped on their background.

2. Test your tech.

Make sure you have the needed resources for the video interview.

  • Test your webcam and device audio to ensure you can be heard and seen clearly.
  • Ensure a stable Internet connection so you won’t get disconnected or disrupted during the video interview. Close any unnecessary tabs, windows, or apps running in the background to maximize your Internet connection and avoid distractions.
  • Have your app/software accounts ready before the interview so that you won’t need to sign up or create new ones at the last minute.

However, if you don’t have the resources for the video interview, ask your friends, relatives, or colleagues if you can borrow or rent their equipment. You can also check out nearby coworking spaces in your area to see if they offer private rooms and equipment you can rent on the day of your interview.

3. Set up your space.

Dedicate a quiet place for your big day. Your workspace must be well-lit, ensuring that the interviewer can see you clearly. Also, ensure that you are sitting comfortably during the interview to avoid unnecessary movements.

Moreover, have pens and papers for you to take notes on. Ensure a neat, clutter-free background as well.

4. Practice!

Rehearse how you’ll greet the interviewer, introduce yourself, and answer the possible questions to be asked. This way, you’ll lessen the chances of getting lost on what you should say and do during the video interview.

Also, you can prepare some questions you can ask your interviewer. This adds to the interviewer’s impression of who you are as a professional and as a job seeker, making the whole session more engaging and meaningful.

5. Dress and act appropriately.

One of the most important video interview tips is that you should dress accordingly. Even if the interviewer can’t see your whole appearance, you still have to know the proper video interview attire. Wear a business attire or smart casual, avoiding inappropriate clothes which make you look unprofessional.

Further, engage with the interviewer well. Mind your non-verbals. Nod and smile as you see fit, and use hand gestures as you answer questions to help you get your message across better.

Also, put your phone and other devices in silent mode to avoid distractions during the interview.

6. Thank the interviewer and end the video interview professionally.

As a professional job seeker, you should thank the interviewer for their time. If possible, ask them what’s next after the interview and how you can keep in touch with them regarding the results.

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