3 Major Tips on How to Negotiate Salary That You Deserve

Bossjob 3 Major Tips on How to Negotiate Salary That You Deserve

Right now, you might be in the stage where you’re receiving job offers, and the topic of compensation and benefits is one of the major key points to discuss. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a situation where knowing how to negotiate salary will help you land a better offer for your career. When that time comes, are you ready?

On the other hand, you might also be in a situation where you’re already employed and you’re vying for a promotion or a salary increase. In the same way, this might be your opportunity to propose and negotiate a salary to complement your contributions to the organization.

In this quick guide, we lay down 3 major tips on how to negotiate salary that best fits your background, skills, and what you deserve for your job.

1. Make sure to prepare.

Whether you’re job hunting or preparing for your promotion, knowing what to discuss during a salary negotiation is key. During job interviews, have a ready answer whenever you’ll be asked about your salary expectations. More often than not, job seekers would want to feel a sense of flexibility when it comes to job offers, so recruiters or interviewers might be open to discussing more about the pay. With this, you must do your research on the average pay range for your position and/or industry. Apart from that, you can also rehearse the specific points you want to raise or discuss so that you won’t miss any crucial detail on your job offer negotiation.

2. Help them understand why you deserve it.

The golden rule in negotiating a salary is to explain, show, and prove your worth. The first step to successfully do that is knowing your value as a professional. Make sure you do a market research on the average rate for your position in the industry you’re in, while also considering your location, experience, and overall career goals. You may use Payscale or Glassdoor to do your salary benchmarking, or you may also ask your network, colleagues, and peers from the same or similar field for insights. This will help you get a better idea of the ideal rate you can ask during salary negotiation. Lastly, it’s best to keep ample documentation of your relevant contributions so that you can use that to support your efforts in proving you’re worthy of what you’re asking for.

3. Look at the bigger picture.

Many people consider “negotiating a job offer” is basically the same as “negotiating a salary.” However, each entails various aspects and the job offer typically covers the overall terms and conditions that are involved in the job. On the other hand, the salary is just a part of it, albeit a significant one.

In this case, it’s better if you try to widen your perspective and go beyond the obvious. Apart from looking at the amount of compensation you can receive based on the nature of the job being offered, also consider the other benefits (and areas of concern) that come with the role. Further, assess if the salary being offered is enough to compensate for the gravity of your responsibilities. Do the complementary perks make sense for you to accept the offer? Taking these factors and more into consideration lets you make a better, informed decision whether you should do a salary negotiation or not.

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