5 Signs You Will Get the Job After the Interview

Bossjob 5 Signs You Will Get the Job After the Interview

An interview is your opportunity to make a good impression. With all your skills, experiences, and capabilities, you can sell yourself in an interview only if you know how to do it right. However, remember that you’re not the only candidate in the room — with their eyes on the same prize.

Therefore, after an interview, you can’t be sure about whether or not you will be chosen. Fortunately, there are reliable ways to tell if you’re getting a job offer after an interview. Below are the signs that you are about to receive a job offer.

1. Casual Conversation

Did the interviewers have an informal conversation with you? If they do, this is one of the most common promising signs that they are interested. Interviews are strictly professional, and a casual conversation usually signals a green flag that they are keen to proceed with your application. This means they have approved you professionally and are trying to get to know you better.

2. Positive Body Language

The interviewer’s posture can give you an idea of how they think about the interview. Non-verbal language is just as important as verbal language. If the interviewer often smiles at your answers, leans towards where you are sitting, and maintains deep eye contact with you as you speak, this means that they are engaged and curious about what you have to say. If they nod at you and lean slightly in your direction when you speak, these are all signs that the interview is going well.

3. Talking about your transition timeline

Hiring managers will not ask you when you will be available to start working with them unless they see you as the best candidate. If they come up with their preferred timeline and ask if it might work for you, that’s also a great indication that they’re considering you for the role. So, when they prompt you for a start date, chances are high that you’ll get the job after the interview.

4. Discussing the Salary

If the interviewer isn’t interested in hiring you, they usually end the interview even before discussing salary. If you’ve reached the stage of your interview where your salary expectations are being discussed, consider this a hopeful sign that you’ve landed the job. Besides these obvious things, there are subtle things that you may want to watch out for. For example, if the interviewer keeps nodding with a genuine smile, it probably means they’re enjoying the conversation and interested in hiring you. Simply put, if the interviewer is visibly interested in your answers and doesn’t seem to be bored or frustrated, that’s a clue that they are considering your qualifications.

5. Detailed Conversation

If the interviewer speaks outside of the role and starts talking about specific projects or jobs, this could mean you’re getting the job offer! Many times, the schedules are already set, and the interviewer has many other things to attend to. If the interview is taking longer than expected, they are likely to be impressed. 

In general, interviewers are trying their best to appear neutral. But if they are really interested in hiring you, they may unintentionally project their enthusiasm and interest through the signs mentioned above. But no matter what happens, always give the benefit of the doubt and be resilient. So even if you didn’t get the job after the interview, you’ll be able to get back on your feet and become better in your next interview. That experience can be one of your stepping stones toward a better opportunity.

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