5 Ways to Prepare for a Video Interview

Video interview offers a win-win opportunity for both recruiters and job seekers. While it provides efficient and cost-saving advantages for recruiters to meet their candidates. It also helps job seekers to eliminate travel’s inconveniences as well as costs.

However, as a job seeker, it’s important that you approach your video interview invite with the same seriousness you would give to an in-person interview. So, if you haven’t taken a video interview before, and you have one around the corner already, here are 5 ways you can adequately prepare for it:

1. Get the right tech

Ensure that your computer is fast enough and is in good condition to handle a video interview without any associated problem. Also, check the webcam and microphone so you can be certain that the audio and visual will come through clearly without any technical issues that could hinder the interview from your end. Ideally, the camera should be at eye-level so you can look directly into it during the interview session. Lastly, be sure you know the exact software or application your potential employer is using for the interview so you can install same and test it out prior to the time schedule for the video interview.

2. Choose a location where you can speak freely

Never attempt a video interview while on transit in a public bus or in a location where you can’t speak freely. Since you’re already aware of the interview time, choose a location in your home or a coffee shop where you can communicate easily and freely with the interviewer without any interruption. Your office may not be an ideal place for a video interview if you don’t want your current employer to bump into your conversation.

3. Prepare your surroundings by removing distractions from the background

Your face is not the only thing that matters during a video interview session. The neatness, or otherwise, of your environment also matters in helping you to impress your interviewer(s) and land your dream job. So, take your time to remove those piles of dirty laundry or books on the background. You must also ensure that you don’t have children or adult running around on the background during the interview. All these could serve as distractions to the interviewers. An impressive background will definitely make you feel more confident during the video interview and may consequently increase your ability to nail the interview.

4. Practice with a friend or family member

While waiting for the interview date, you can record some practice sessions with a friend or family member. This will help you prepare for the main interview as well as gives you the opportunity to test out beforehand the camera angles, room lighting, microphone, and WiFi service, as well as whether or not there is lag time during the communication. Everything must be in perfect condition before the D-day.

5. Prepare your best interview outfits

The fact that you are not attending an in-person interview is not a reason why you shouldn’t dress up appropriately. Don’t just lazy around and jump into the interview while still wearing your night clothes. Rather, you should prepare your best outfits for the video interview. This will make you look smart as well as help you to give a good first impression to the interviewer.

No doubt, video interview offers you some leverage. All need you need to do is to make sufficient preparation beforehand. The 5 tips discussed here will definitely give you an edge as you prepare to succeed with your video interview.

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