How to Be Confident in Interviews

For most people, especially fresh graduates, job interviews can be intimidating as well as daunting. This can make you feel less confident during the interview session if you did not do anything to remedy the situation. Yet, your confidence level is part of what the interviewer is looking to assess before deciding on giving you the job.

The question now is: How can you avoid losing your confidence in the face of the stress and worries that come with job hunting? How can you maintain a positive outlook during job interview? You will find the answers to these questions in the following tips:

1. Be prepared

Adequate preparations prior to an interview can help boost your confidence level. So, prepare yourself for the interview by researching the company as well as the position for which you’re going to be interviewed. You can do this by going on the Internet to search for information about the company or find someone who works in the organization to give you some useful details you will need for your interview. Of course, having fore-knowledge about some of the likely questions you’re going to encounter at the interview can help boost your confidence.

2. Exhibit confident postures

It’s a common knowledge that employers prefer hiring people who exhibit some level of confidence in their interviews. Hence, we recommend that you practice and exhibit those postures that will portray you as someone who is confident before your interviewer. So, take your time to practice good eye contact while listening and speaking, make use of power poses as you sit for the interview, and open yourself up by walking tall to and fro the interview room. Looking down or sideways while responding to interview questions shows that you lack confidence.

3. Learn to speak out loud and smile

Speaking loud and clear shows a good level of confidence. So, in the days prior to the interview, try to practice some of your responses while standing or sitting before a mirror. Make sure your voice comes out loud as you do this. With adequate practice, it will be easier for you to communicate clearly and effectively during the interview session. Another way to exhibit a high level of confidence is to always wear a smiling face. It is often said that smile is contagious. When you smile in an interview, you’re also helping to elevate the interviewer’s mood. Wearing a smiling face is a way of telling the interviewer that you aren’t nervous.

4. Dress smart

The way you feel about your interview attire can affect your confidence. If you dress in clothes you don’t feel comfortable in, then your expression will lack adequate enthusiasm. It is advisable that you spend time to select clothes that will make you feel smart, stylish and professional. No doubt, dressing smartly will help boost your moral and increase your confidence during interviews.

5. Don’t be too desperate

Don’t show too much desperation about the job. When you’re too desperate about securing the job, the desperation will erode your confidence during the interview. This is because your attention will be more on the importance of you getting the job, and you will look more of an apologetic candidate than one with confidence.

Confidence gets you hired quickly! And it also helps to find you dream job with ease. Try to put these tips to use, and in no time, you will start to feel more confident in your interviews. 

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