10 Signs You Just Nailed Your Interview

Waiting to hear from recruiters after a job interview can be nerve-wracking. Of course, you need prompt feedback on your application status so you can put your mind at rest — even if it’s negative. But, most hiring managers often keep mute after the interview, leaving the applicants in uncertainty. This is one of the factors that often give job seekers sleepless nights.

However, if you can pay attention to recruiters’ body languages as well as outward expressions during and immediately after the interview, you can save yourself a lot of the pains that come with waiting endlessly for recruiters’ feedback.

The signs are always there. You only need to pay closer attention as you provide responses to the various questions being asked. Here are the 10 signs that show you just nailed your interview:

1. When recruiters begin to delve into the specifics

Your chances of securing the job get higher once your potential hiring manager begins to delve into more specific details about the job and the company. This shows you’ve proven yourself in the interview and they are already getting convinced you’re the right person for the job. That’s a green light for you.

2. If you hear “When can you start?”

If at the end of the interview, the interviewers are asking to know how soon you will be available to get on board, you’ve nailed it.

3. When you see positive body languages

When you notice agreeable nods and broads smiles on the faces of your interviewers during and after the interview, chances are you’ve nailed it.

4. When the conversation becomes casual

If after the initial questions and answers routine that is characteristic of interviews, the conversations started becoming more casual, that’s a good sign you’ve nailed the interview.

5. If the interview stays longer than necessary

If the interviewer is spending more time with you than expected despite limited time, it means you’re already telling them something they want to hear. That can be a great sign!

6. If they introduced you to the team

If after an interview, your potential recruiters start to introduce you to members of the team you will be working with, it means you have impressed them enough. You have nailed the interview.

7. If they start discussing perks with you

You nailed the interview if the interviewers start to discuss salary and perks with you. This means they already see you as someone they can work with.

8. When you’re handed the job description manual

If after the interview, you are given a booklet describing the role you will be playing in the company upon resumption, you’ve nailed the interview.

9. If your references are contacted immediately

Usually, hiring managers don’t contact references when they are not interested in engaging an applicant. Know that you have nailed the interview if your references are contacted shortly after the interview.

10. If you’re introduced to high-ranking officers

You don’t have business seeing some of the company’s top management officers unless you’re being considered for the position. So, take it that you’ve nailed the interview once you’re given such privilege.

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