5 Hiring Secrets Every Job Seeker Should Know

You’ve got a job interview invitation. You’re excited for that day. On the other hand, you are nervous about how to answer interview questions. You want to make it work. But if you think it’s all about your qualifications, think again. There are other things that hiring managers consider in choosing the best candidate which you might not know. Thus, before you attend your interview, learn about these things for you to have an edge over other candidates.

1. They stalk you online 

You shouldn’t be surprised. Before you even walk through the door, hiring managers already knew something about you aside from what’s written on your resume. Hiring managers are interested to know the real you, not just your professional side. So, they do internet searches to check your personal life through your social media profiles. If you don’t want them to see your post about gossiping, then you might as well delete it or keep it private.  

2. They consider your look     

If you don’t dress up for success, then hiring managers can see it in your job interview. Not knowing how to look professional means not knowing how to adapt to the corporate culture. More importantly, you have to follow the rules of your specific industry. Therefore, you need to do some research on your potential employer’s dress code. That way, you can blend with their culture during your job interview, which hiring managers would be glad to see.  

3. They are tired of hearing you’re a perfectionist    

This is one of the most common answers of candidates especially when asked about their biggest weakness. Your desire to appear flawless during an interview can actually drop your chances of getting the job. Avoid memorizing answers to possible interview questions. Be unique by using your own words. So instead of saying you’re a perfectionist, just show an example how you strive for perfection through a previous project you had done and how it went well.  

4. They don’t always hire the one with the strongest credentials    

If you think you meet all the requirements in the job post through your great credentials such as experience, skills, and educational background, don’t assume you’ll be the one to win the job offer. It’s not always the case. Hiring managers also want to see your personality. So, it’s not all about your qualifications. They want to know if you really have the enthusiasm to do the job and contribute to your future team. Otherwise, they will consider someone with fewer credentials than you but have the personality that suits the role.  

5. They want you to like them, too    

Hiring managers want candidates who are genuinely interested in their company. Because if they know you’re someone who applied to different companies just for the sake of increasing your chances of getting interview invitations, this creates an impression that you are indecisive about achieving your goals. Also, if you don’t truly like the company, they know you’ll find it easy to leave them soon. Thus, take the initiative to research the company to assess yourself whether or not you want to work for them. If you do, then it would be easy for you to express your genuine interest in their company. 

Are you now more prepared for your upcoming job interview? Since the competition is tough, you need to take job hiring opportunities seriously. You can stand out from the crowd by considering these 5 things hiring managers do that job seekers don’t know. If done right, you’ll increase your chances of being chosen for the role.   

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