5 Questions Hiring Managers Love to Hear From Candidates

The interview will always remain a vital part of the job hiring process. Even if you have sufficient experience and you possess the right skills required for the job, you still need to ace the interview to increase your chances of getting hired. The interview exposes what technical examinations and skills tests do not: soft skills, behavior, and attitude towards work.

Now, it’s a given you should give the right answers to your interviewer’s questions. You can find a lot of resources online giving advice and hints on how to answer questions often asked during interviews. However, you should know that more than your answers, there are other things that an interviewer would want to hear from you.

Do you have any questions?

Practically every interviewer asks this toward the end of the interview. You may have been asked this a couple of times yourself. What did you give as a reply? 

It’s absolutely fine to say you don’t have any further questions and your interviewer will likely understand that you’re already too stressed to ask anything. However, there are actually questions that they’d like to hear from a candidate. Here are five:

1. In what area could your team use a little polishing?

Asking this question shows that you are eager to be part of the team and that you are looking forward to helping the team grow. This question also shows your proactive side. It also demonstrates that you want to know more about the team and how it works.

2. What exactly does this company value the most, and how do you think my work for you will further these values?

Although this may sound a bit “out there,” this question will actually help show how much you value company and employee values. This demonstrates that you want to contribute more than just technical skills, but you also wish to further the company’s mission and values through your work.

3. How does this company define and measure success? How will you judge my success? What will have happened six months from now that will demonstrate that I have met your expectations?

This question helps you show how determined you are in growing when you finally join the company. Asking this will also demonstrate that you care about the job that much and that you are willing to actively work on advancing in your role. It also shows how much you put value in concrete measurements of success.

4. Where would the company like to be in five years?

This question shows the interviewer that you are concerned about the company’s future, not just yours. Asking this sends the signal that you are interested in staying in the next few years and you want to be part of its future.

5. What is the next step in the hiring process? When can I expect to hear back?

Interviewers often like applicants who are naturally inquisitive and asking this simple question can work in your favor. When you ask this question, the interviewer will understand that you are someone who likes things to keep going and one who values processes and time.

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