6 Smart Answers to Tricky Job Interview Questions

For the most part, job interview questions will vary and be customized depending on the position you’re applying for. However, you should expect that there will always be those usual questions that are too generic to the point that they’ve become tricky. These questions make you think, is this a test or the interviewer really just want to know my thoughts?

Well, it’s a yes for both. The interviewer is testing your wit and capacity to handle and answer challenging questions. They also want to know how good are you at organizing your thoughts and expressing yourself. At the same time, they want to know what your thoughts are on a particular subject or concern to know whether or not you share the same values and goals as theirs.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most common yet tricky job interview questions and how to best answer them. 

1. Why do you want to work here?

To be able to wisely answer this question, make sure you do thorough research on the company beforehand. Learn about their mission and vision. Read up on their activities and projects. This will allow you to see whether their goals and values match yours.

When answering the question, establish the idea that you did your homework and researched the company. Mention how you appreciate the company’s mission, vision, goals, and values and how all of those appeal to you. Don’t miss the chance to show your willingness to be part of a company that has those very mission and vision, and how you believe you can help the company achieve them. 

2. What are your weaknesses?

When you answer this question properly, you can turn your weakness into a strength. Answer by telling a story. Tell the interviewer about an instance when you were challenged, but you successfully overcame the challenge. Establish how you’ve worked on a weakness you had, showing that what once was a weakness is now one of your growing strengths. It’s better if you can tie that weakness-turned-strength to the qualities required for the position.

3. How does this job compare with others you’ve applied for?

When an interviewer asks this, he or she actually wants to know whether you’re applying for other job openings or not. It’s best to be honest about it. If you tell them that their listing is the only one you’re applying for, they might assume you’re lying, since most job seekers send applications to a number of openings.

If indeed you haven’t sent applications to other job ads, you can say that as of the moment, you haven’t sent applications to others yet but hint that you’re actively searching for opportunities that suit your skills and preferences. 

Take this chance to say that this one opportunity appealed to you the most, but tell the interviewer that it’s quite early to say how it compares with others you’ve applied for or planning to apply for.

4. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Interviewers ask this question because they want to know if you are motivated by money and financial benefits or you’re looking for professional growth. If you’re aiming for both, it’s okay to say so. However, make sure that you highlight the career development aspect more than the monetary benefits.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question helps interviewers gauge your commitment. When answering this question, you need to establish that the company’s goals align with yours and that you want to grow with the company. Mention the type of role that you’d want to have achieved in five years’ time. Do you want to be a senior officer, supervisor, or manager?

6. Can you tell me more about yourself?

Many job hunters find this question really tricky. Some get confused about whether they need to say something about their personal life or focus on their professional experience. When an interviewer asks this, it’s best to stick with the professional aspect. Tell a story about how you came about pursuing the career path you’ve chosen. If you’re a fresh graduate, talk about the reason why you chose your course or major. You can also talk about your recent accomplishments and plans for the near future.

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