7 Key Interview Questions for IT Professionals

Hiring managers know that they need to look and dig beyond what is shown in an applicant’s resume. For technical positions, interviewers must ask questions that will not only gauge the candidate’s technical and hard skills, but also their soft skills. Problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity are just some of the skills required in tech positions that are not exactly technical, but natural and innate.

If you are an IT professional currently on the hunt for a new job, here are some of the questions you need to be prepared to answer. Meanwhile, if you are a recruiter or hiring personnel assigned to interview a budding IT candidate, you can use these questions to help you know more about him or her.

“What tools and resources do you use to help do your job more efficiently and effectively?”

IT professionals are required to utilize specific tools and resources for them to do their job well. These tools and resources should also be in-sync with what the company uses. After all, the company will provide the resources for its employees to use. So, the candidate must know how to use resources that the company can provide. This will also help determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the company and role’s requirements and vice versa.

“How do you keep your skills relevant and current?”

Technology evolves as fast as a heartbeat. As a tech professional, candidates are expected to do their best when it comes to keeping their skills — and themselves — up-to-date with the latest tech and tools related to their specialty.

“How would you explain or describe (a technology term or system) to someone who is not in the tech industry?”

It is said that if you really understand something, you won’t have trouble explaining it in simple terms to someone who might not know a thing about it. When this question is asked, the hiring personnel seeks to know whether the candidate understands systems and tech-related to the role.

“What do you think are the most important qualities for this position?”

While technical experience and knowledge are important, the candidate’s values and soft skills are also equally vital. The interviewer must know whether the candidate is able to handle the stress that comes with the job, for instance. Soft skills, such as teamwork and patience, are as valuable as knowing how to code or program.

“Can you describe a time where something wrong went on at your previous role? How did you deal with it?”

Questions along these lines mean to determine how a candidate resolves conflict and challenges, which are bound to sprout up from time to time.

“How do you think would technology updates and advances affect your job?”

As mentioned above, technology is ever-evolving. Employers want to know how you deal with the changes and fast-paced tech environment.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

This is a question not exclusive to tech positions, but this question never fails to help determine a candidate’s career goals. Employers want to invest in candidates that they can work with for a long time, so applicants must be able to establish exactly that.

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