Top 7 Trending Jobs in 2022

Bossjob Top 7 Trending Jobs in 2022

The global health crisis COVID-19, rising inflation rate, and other socio-economic factors brought about various effects not just on our daily lives but also on the job market. One notable change is the growing number of available online jobs, whether full- or part-time, comes in. Likewise, more and more employers are becoming open with offering flexible opportunities to the workforce amidst this challenging period in time.

As a job seeker, you’d want to put in the needed time and effort to prepare for your job application. The good thing is, it’s never too late to start anew and land your dream career. Here are just some of the most trending jobs in 2022 you can consider looking into.

1. Recruitment Specialists

Apart from established businesses that are continuously expanding, more and more small businesses and startups are rapidly growing. To help them succeed in their short- and long-term growth plans and initiatives, they need more people to take on vacant roles that are rather crucial to bringing in more profit and creating more impact.

To get these done, businesses need experts to take charge in finding, screening, interviewing, and hiring the right employees. This is where trusted recruitment specialists become greatly helpful. They work hand-in-hand with Human Resources or HR managers as well as with hiring managers to identify the qualifications, requirements, and other factors to consider when selecting candidates for the available positions. While many employers prefer hiring recruitment specialists with a degree in Psychology or other related fields, some consider hiring those with the necessary qualifications or similar backgrounds.

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2. Healthcare Professionals

Another one of the most trending jobs in 2022 is being a healthcare worker. This makes great sense since we need more professionals from this industry considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country and across the globe.

Some of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines in 2022 that are related to the healthcare field include the following:

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As a result of the pandemic, the demand for administrative and support roles are growing in the healthcare industry. The BPO industry is actually full of customer service work for health industry programs. For example, TTEC (formerly TeleTech) hires Healthcare Customer Service Representatives with competitive salaries ranging from P25,000 to P38,000. These TTEC healthcare jobs are one of the highly trending jobs in 2022 and are great for health professionals looking to switch to BPO.

3. Accountants

Businesses, regardless of type, size, and industry, deal with money, taxes, payroll, and other finance-related tasks. Having experts take care of such responsibilities doesn’t only streamline overall business operations but also help ensure there are no legal obligations overlooked. Hence, accounting roles also belong to the list of the most trending jobs in 2022.

Here are other related jobs that most employers look for:

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4. Call Center Representatives

For years and years now, the country’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has never ceased to thrive and continuously keeps on driving economic growth. Foreign or international businesses turn to the Filipinos’ expertise in this area, that’s why the industry keeps on providing promising opportunities to the workforce.

Further, many local companies also consider outsourcing their tasks and business functions to a third-party provider to improve and streamline the quality of operations. Call center representatives are in charge of dealing with client relationships on behalf of the company, which are a key component of business growth.

If you’re looking to try your shot in this field, check out our quick guide on how you can plan your career in BPO.

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5. Virtual Assistants

Nowadays, being a virtual assistant (VA) interests a lot of job seekers and career people who want to either try a more flexible setup or earn a higher salary. The usual options that aspiring VAs have when it comes to the type of work setup they can choose are doing freelance work, connecting with clients through VA agencies, or being employed by a BPO company.

The Philippines remains one of the most sought-after locations of international clients and businesses for hiring exceptional VAs. Also, there’s a wide range of niches and fields that VAs can enter. Hence, a VA’s job description depends on what the client needs and what the business requires. It’s also worth noting that the VA market in the Philippines, despite the rising demand, can be considered highly saturated and competitive.

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6. Content Creators

While the definition of “content” in the Content Creator role may seem vague due to the various types of content one can make, this role commonly pertains to those in the digital entertainment world.

Since more and more shifted to consuming online content more than traditional TV content, content creators who are deemed as public figures are in demand. They are in charge of promoting brands, doing collaborations and business deals as a way of marketing them, and “influencing” followers based on their focus or niche. While content creators aren’t conventionally employed by a company or a business, they work under a certain type of contract or deal. Hence, most of them earn through commissions, talent fees, and the like.

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7. Social Media Managers/Marketers

As the number of brands and businesses realizing the power of online marketing continues to rise, the demand for experts in effective social media marketing and management also keeps rising.

That said, social media managers and marketers help business owners improve their online visibility, reach more target customers, and bring in more sales through good branding and top-notch customer service evident on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Besides, maintaining business accounts on such platforms can be a challenging and time-consuming feat.

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