How to Write A Resume That Gets Past the Bots

Bossjob How to Write A Resume That Gets Past the Bots

Technology has become essential to human life, including the labor markets. Most employers are now using automated bots to read and respond to resumes from applicants. These bots search for specific keywords on the resumes and determine the applicant’s fitness for the role applied for. Failure to write a resume appropriately or include the proper keywords may see one’s application fail to reach a human recruiter. Granted, it becomes indispensable to understand how to algorithm-proof your resume and increase the chances of getting hired. 

Here are some ways this can be achieved.

1. Use Appropriate Keywords

Automated technology sifts through numerous resumes looking for keywords that match those of the recruiter. The bots automatically discard the application if an applicant does not use keywords matching those mentioned in the job description. Accordingly, actively integrating keywords that match the job description is a critical way of algorithm-proofing your resume. For instance, a job description for a virtual assistant position is invariably likely to emphasize strong communication skills and technical proficiency. You should include strong communication skills and technical proficiency as some of your primary keyword phrases to increase your chances of being contacted for an interview.

2. Use the Chronological Format

There are numerous formats today for writing resumes, some of which are considered more appealing than others. Applicants can inconsequentially use different formats if the resumes are going through a manual screening process. However, algorithms can have a difficult time interpreting information from different formats. Instead of risking this problem, applicants should use the conventional chronological format. A chronological resume is easier for the algorithm to read through and offers the information they have been programmed to search for straightforwardly. It is also easier to update your resume and show your educational experiences and accomplishments.

3. Use Clear Words and Phrases

Applicants are often tempted to use unique words in their resumes to attract the recruiter’s attention and make themselves stand out. This, of course, is usually a great approach when you are confident that a human recruiter will screen your resume. If automated technology is used, using unique words is a bad idea. This is because some algorithms are not programmed to understand unique words, jargon, or idioms. Therefore, you must use clear and universally accepted terms when you write a resume. For instance, when highlighting your strengths, you might be tempted to use phrases like “thinking out of the box.” Instead, use powerful words such as visionary, inventive, or creative thinking to describe yourself.

4. Personalize Your Resume

You should personalize your resume for each job posting. This will allow you to mirror the qualifications needed by integrating the appropriate skills and strengths. An algorithm going through your resume will check if it adequately addresses the recruiter’s needs. Consequently, you will likely not be considered for an interview if you send one resume for numerous job postings. Even if you use a template, you must take time to write a resume that works to your advantage.

Technology can be a friend or an enemy, depending on how you respond to it. Companies have innovated their hiring process with technology. But you can adapt to these changes. If you take heed of the tips presented above, you will significantly increase your chances of getting more job interviews.

Now that you’ve discovered how to write a resume to get past the bots, it’s time to act on it. Sign up or log in on Bossjob and use our bot-friendly resume templates to kickstart a more effective job hunting journey!

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