How to Use Bossjob app to Impress a Hiring Manager

How to Use Bossjob app to Impress a Hiring Manager

Talking to a recruiter or hiring manager can be nerve-racking since it necessitates being on your best behavior or personality. When facing a hiring manager, you commonly grapple with questions like, “How will they judge me?”, “Do they think I am competent enough?” “Is my anxiety showing?” and “What if I am not good enough?”.

The more these questions linger in your mind, the harder it becomes to make an impression. But making an impression should not be enervating. The highly successful author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, wisely said, “When it comes to communication, the first 30 seconds are the most important. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re already sending messages in those first crucial moments“. All it takes is for you to leave the right impression; the rest will naturally follow. 

Bossjob app features can help you make this great first impression.

Here is how it can be achieved.

1. Chat with Hiring Managers Directly

Direct communication is at the root of great first impressions. When you are contacting a hiring manager directly, the most critical thing to remember is that this is your chance to sell yourself. In other words, get the hiring manager to like you. 

The key to achieving this is being vivacious, humble, and polite. You might be tempted to get insider details about the interview, but this may do more harm than good to your application. 

Instead, show the hiring manager that you have researched their company and are familiar with their business. Mention one of their recent projects and indicate how it impressed you. Such efforts are gripping and may impress the hiring manager enough to get you a position.

2. Show Inquisitiveness

The last thing you want when chatting with a hiring manager is to be passive. It may not look like it, but even during the chat, the hiring manager will actively look at some of your soft skills, such as communication. 

Granted, you must strive to be as active and inquisitive as possible. This means asking as many questions as possible about the position, organizational operations, culture, future goals, etc. The ensuing engagement may help you learn a lot and appropriately prepare for an interview.

3. Do Research to Save Time

Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”. This quote should apply in every facet of your life and, most importantly, when communicating with a hiring manager. 

Your time communicating with the hiring manager may be limited, implying that you should do your research and plan your conversation accordingly. You should research the company’s culture and roles to appear informed during the engagement. This will save you the embarrassment of fumbling through words and wasting the hiring manager’s time.

Impressing the hiring manager in your first encounter can seem effortless if you plan appropriately and chat directly. And now Bossjob has made it easier for you through the all-new Bossjob App. 

This app comes with a chat-first feature that allows you to communicate directly with a hiring manager. On top of that, it has hundreds of job recommendations precisely suited to your skill set and needs. 

It also cuts the time used for hiring processes by allowing you to schedule interviews with hiring managers and communicate other aspects of the job. 

To enjoy these advantages, download the Bossjob App for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

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