Bossjob launches mobile app to promote two-way interaction between jobseekers and hiring managers

Bossjob launches mobile app to promote two-way interaction between jobseekers and hiring managers

PHILIPPINES, March 24, 2022 – Bossjob, a leading chat-first career platform in the Philippines, has announced the launch of its revamped mobile app. 

As the first of its kind in Southeast Asia (SEA), the move aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by offering a direct chat platform that allows jobseekers and hiring managers to create meaningful two-way conversations. This new facelift boasts a seamless and intuitive user experience that lets jobseekers communicate directly with decision-makers to shorten the time it takes to find the right fit. 

Kiat How, the co-founder of Bossjob, says, “Conventional online recruitment only supports one-way communication which is heavily dependent on jobseekers to submit their resumes while hiring managers simply search and download them. Bossjob is here to encourage jobseekers and hiring managers to chat directly through the mobile app, helping both parties to actively engage in a two-way communication to improve hiring efficiency.”

For decades, a hiring manager would purchase resumes from a recruitment platform and spend over 4 hours a day screening, making phone calls and making appointments for interviews with candidates. Out of which, only 2-3 candidates would actually turn up for interviews. Purchasing resumes in bulk often include invalid, unsuitable or outdated ones; resulting in frequent negative feedback and poor hiring experience. Despite spending over 20 hours a week and incurring over PHP 3,000,000 in recruitment fees per year, hiring managers have found this process cumbersome and inefficient. 

Bossjob is committed to helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) overcome some of their common hurdles when it comes to hiring: the lack of resources to hire full-time hiring managers a advertise on large job boards, as well as a time-consuming hiring process. Kiat How continues, “The conventional approach to recruitment condenses job seekers into a resume, emphasizing solely on a few years of education, experience, certificates, and past projects; resulting in a superficial and narrow representation of their abilities. Similarly, hiring managers also reduce their hiring criteria to a simplistic job advertisement that misses crucial aspects of the role.” 

The chat-first career mobile app aims to address these issues by making the hiring process more efficient and less costly for SMEs. Users can look forward to several advantages when using the Bossjob mobile app:

Direct chat with hiring managers

By introducing the ability to chat directly with hiring managers, jobseekers will be empowered to take charge of their careers. Bossjob advocates open communication between jobseekers and hiring managers to discuss job terms including job scope, benefits, salary and more, safely and confidentially through encrypted chat.

Intelligent talent-matching system

Bossjob’s very own AI-powered intelligent talent-matching system does wonders for both hiring managers and jobseekers; it does hard work for you. Jobseekers can expect to be quickly notified with recommended jobs that best match their preferences, including expected salary and locations. Hiring managers, too, can easily access recommended candidates that match the requirements of their job roles.

Hire on the go

Bossjob aims to connect jobseekers and hiring managers with opportunities that are right for them, at any time and from anywhere — no matter where they are in the world. Boasting over 3,000,000 active jobseekers, hiring managers can look forward to highly responsive jobseekers. They will receive real-time updates via notifications to ensure that no opportunity is missed, resulting in a fast and efficient hiring process so they can hire on the go. 

Bossjob mobile app is currently available for download in the Philippines, and the company has expansion plans in other SEA countries in the years to come, with Singapore being the next in the pipeline. Jobseekers and hiring managers can now benefit from Bossjob mobile app for free via App Store and Google Play Store, making job searching and hiring more accessible than ever before.

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