Top 5 Practical Ways to Spot a Bully Boss

Bossjob Top 5 Practical Ways to Spot a Bully Boss

It is extremely frustrating to work under a bully boss. Unfortunately, most employees fail to spot the tormentor during a job interview. Once they come across their intolerable behavior, they end up quitting their jobs.

If you want to avoid making such a decision, you should know how to spot a bully boss before you accept the offer. Enlisted in this guide are the top 5 incredible ways that will surely help you in this matter. Here’s how you spot a Bully Boss:

1. Notice Their Behavior With Others

Keenly observe how they interact and speak with others. Are they polite or rude to their staff? Do they interrupt when talking to someone else? Interruption is a red flag which shows that they prefer to be listened to all the time to listening patiently and carefully.

If they use an authoritative tone and try to dominate while interviewing, it means they will behave so in the future. Similarly, asking different questions also gives you a good idea about their behavior. For instance, you can ask about how they maintain a positive working environment.

2. Talk to Ex-Employees

If you know any ex-employee of your prospective company, try to reach out to them and clarify all your queries about the boss and the workplace. Ask about how their manager would treat them, how they were managed, and how difficult it is for their boss to create and maintain a conducive working environment. 

3. Notice How They Treat You

Notice how they treat you in an interview because they will most possibly treat you in the same way after getting the job, according to Eileen Linnaberry, Ph.D., consultant for professional service firm Vantage Leadership Consulting.

Good hiring managers give you proper time to show your abilities. Similarly, good bosses help their teammates when they are stuck with problems at work. 

4. How They Handle Discomfort

When things are going well, bosses go with the flow. However, when things get difficult and feel out of control, they might show their true colors. So, try to ask questions such as “How would you handle a situation when things don’t go as planned?” and “What would be your expectations from your employees?” Then listen to their responses carefully so you can get a glimpse of their leadership style.

5. Determine Your Boss’s Expectations for the Role

Know what your manager expects from you as you take on the role to have a clear idea about your duties and responsibilities. If your hiring manager wants you to be available all the time even during your rest days and asks you to stay online until midnight, it’s a telltale sign that you’re going to experience burnout at work due to unreasonable demands.

Wrapping Up

By taking the steps above, you will be equipped to spot a bully boss. When you get to encounter one, it’s better to look for better opportunities than let yourself get stuck in an unhealthy working environment. Remember, that it’s not enough that you’re an excellent employee, you also need to be in a healthy workplace for you to maximize your potential.

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