6 Best Tips to Get Your Dream Job Right After College

Are you ready to face the real world? School projects were over. You’ve survived the sleepless nights of doing your thesis. But these are not even close to what you’re going to do outside academia. Those difficult projects were not just to arm you with the necessary knowledge but also to prepare you to take work seriously. In real life, doing just fine will not help you climb the corporate ladder or even just keep your market value.

If you want your potential employer to recognize the value you can give, “doing just fine” is not enough. Being complacent will only give way to another applicant to win the offer. Here are the tips to land your dream job right after college.

1. Define your career goals

Don’t apply to various vacancies just to get a job. You might have a shiny object syndrome, always chasing something new. While this is acceptable, it can divert your attention from your intended direction. On the other hand, don’t be too strict to the point of being closed-minded to other offers that can also lead you to your ideal role.

2. Expand your professional network

Opportunities may come from those people you already know. Some of them might already be working in your target industry. Employees keep on changing jobs. Every company has a specific turnover rate. You might be surprised one day for receiving a message from one of your connections about a job vacancy you’re waiting for.

3. Use relevant keywords in your resume

Use terms that have something to do with your dream role. To identify those relevant keywords, read the job description carefully. You will see terms that you can match with your internship. This will boost your chances of getting invited for an interview even if you’re just a fresh graduate.

4. Set realistic expectations

The duties and responsibilities of your entry-level job may not be close to your dream career. It’s normal because you’re just starting out. You will have to go through the process of learning before you finally achieve mastery in your profession. Be patient. You’ll eventually get there. Therefore, don’t be a perfectionist in your job search.

 5. Choose your employer wisely

Your personality and your needs also matter. It’s not just about the job itself. So before you apply to any company or accept an offer, do your research first. You can ask questions right after the interview. Clarify things that are important to you such as skills development and company culture. They have an impact on your professional growth which is necessary for you to create your ideal career.

6. Prepare for your job interview

If you get invited for an interview, great! You won in the initial stage of the selection process. It’s your time to personally prove you’re the best fit for the position. Do  research before your job interview. What are the company’s products and services? Not having this information is a big turn-off to your prospective employer. This conveys you’re not serious enough to work for them and are just sending applications to any job listing.

Be excited about the challenges waiting for you as you enter the workforce. You’re no longer a student inside the four walls of the classroom. You are now a learner in the real world of your chosen craft. In the next few years, you will be more equipped to build your career path. So, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

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