The Future of Big Data

In this day and age of increasing use of mobile technology and the Internet of Things, big data became more popular because more and more people are producing large volumes of data through and with their devices. But what makes the future of big data a big deal?

First, what is big data? This refers to data sets that are too large in volume and complex for traditional data processing and applications. Big data, when properly used and analyzed, help businesses shape and drive decisions through capitalizing on customer information to have a better grasp of their target audience. This, in turn, can result in more useful and well-interpreted data that are crucial to improve the overall operations of an organization.

Now, let’s look at the top emerging trends in big data for the coming years.

Data volumes will keep on increasing

According to 2019 statistics, the total digital population is 7.67 billion worldwide, with roughly 5 billion unique mobile users and 4 billion Internet users. With these significant numbers, we can just imagine how data volumes go up by the second.

The rising number of users doing almost everything online contributes to the exponential growth of big data, from online business communications to online shopping, food deliveries, online service subscriptions, and social networking. Aside from that, the Internet of Things or IoT data analytics gathered from interconnected devices and systems add up to the stored information on cloud systems.

Data pros will be more in-demand

Large volumes of data must be analyzed, processed, and managed by professionals to turn them into actionable insights and contribute to overall business success. This is where data people come into play.

Even if machine learning and AI systems are in place, there will be a continued high demand for data professionals such as data scientists and chief data officers. While these job positions are relatively new, there’s an undeniable need for their expertise to help businesses go about their data management and processing. Also, these jobs are one of the fastest-growing, along with big data engineers and machine learning specialists.

Privacy will remain a controversy

Along with the rising use of mobile technology and other devices which access the internet, data gathered and stored in cloud systems are prone to privacy concerns. Further, the increasing data volumes open a whole lot of new “opportunities” to be compromised and exposed to cyberattacks, since the ways to protect data can’t keep up with the data growth rates.

Despite the possibilities of creating new challenges in the future, the large volumes of big data also mean big opportunities and may add big value to organizations and individuals in the long run. The future of big data in business is yet to be unveiled, but nevertheless, this innovation can open new doors to creating more jobs and departments dedicated to data management, new structures and regulations regarding data privacy, and other trends that will shape the future of technology as a whole.

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