10 Best Jobs for Introverts

Best jobs for introverts

Personality and character have a great impact on the way we do work. While we are asked to adapt to certain situations, we still differ in how we deal with things, how we react, and how we take in information. In a professional setting, our personality tends to correlate with the work we prefer or with jobs that are more suitable for us.

Talking about personalities, one common difference is if you’re an extrovert or an introvert. Often, extroverts prefer leading meetings and working in group settings. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to require working independently or in smaller groups to be more productive and effective.

Generally, jobs for an introvert are those that:

  • Prioritize the option for independent work
  • Require excellent listening skills
  • Allow for one-on-one interaction rather than public speaking
  • Let you work in quiet spaces

Need ideas on which jobs fall under these criteria? Check out these jobs for introverts you can take on!


This role doesn’t require you to have an outgoing personality, so if you’re an introvert, consider being an accountant. Also, this is ideal for those who want to work alone or those who don’t prefer working in teams more often.


As an artist, you can either be an extrovert or an introvert. However, the top benefit of this role is that you can work independently: at home, in a studio, or almost anywhere without necessarily interacting with larger teams. Imaginative introverts can consider being a graphic designer, an illustrator, or a web designer, to name a few.

Content Manager

Overseeing an organization’s content strategy, planning, and creation, being a content manager requires minimal extraverted skills.


Often working alone, an editor analyzes texts to review quality, accuracy, grammar, and clarity. With that, if you’re interested to have an editing job, you need to have a passion for detail.

IT Specialist

Yet another great example of jobs for introverts is in the tech industry. As an IT Specialist, you’ll need to have a knack for computers and information systems.


Libraries are quiet places, so professions in this workplace surely attract introverts. In fact, a 1992 study found that more than half of the librarians they tested fall into the introverted category.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist

Introverts are known for their empathy and deep listening skills. This is why a job in mental health practice is great for introverts to use these when interacting with clients and patients.


If you have strong written communication skills and a passion for systematic ways to gain more insights and understanding about things, the role of a researcher may be suitable for you.

Social Media Manager

In a more independent setup, social media managers become key players in an organization’s marketing and branding efforts. They plan and implement social strategies to promote and enhance business performance.


Have a passion for researching content and putting your thoughts into words? Careers in writing suit introverts as these also allow you to work independently while being only required to work with proofreaders, editors, and other writers.

An Introvert’s Path to Professional Success

As an introvert, your skills and abilities aren’t limited to jobs that prefer “shy people.” These are just some of the jobs for introverts you can take on. While your personality type helps you discover your passion, it doesn’t ultimately define your success.

Who knows? Maybe your next big career breakthrough is just around the corner. Explore more about your skills and interests, and later on, you’ll see where you’ll be able to thrive as an introvert.

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