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As one of the most lucrative careers today, digital marketing opened opportunities for businesses to expand their presence online. This is to cater to the consumers’ ever-changing needs and demands now that we do almost everything using the Internet. Having said that, the rising trend of going digital calls for more professionals specializing in this field.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting and selling products and services using online marketing strategies. These include social media marketing, content marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. For organizations to thrive in the online world, they need specialists and experts to help in that field.

Know more about the top digital marketing jobs you can consider.

1. Content Managers and Strategists

Content marketing helps attract and retain a business’s customer base by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to their target audience.

Content marketers or strategists are tasked to attract new inbound users and bring in new leads. This is done through writing and marketing content such as blogs, ebooks, infographics, and videos that bring value to customers.

Salary range: ₱360,000 – ₱368,464 per year (PayScale)

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2. SEO and SEM Specialists

Another way for organizations to keep their presence online is through a website. Setting up a business website must make it easier for customers to find the business. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) come into play.

Specialists in this field focus on keyword research, link-building strategies, and site and blog traffic reports. They support the development and content teams on optimization projects to further improve user engagement.

Salary range: ₱307,334 – ₱499,010 per year (PayScale)

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3. UX and UI Designers

They create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how rather complex systems work. With more and more businesses setting up their own websites and other e-commerce platforms, UX and UI designers help build and leverage brand attributes.

Salary range: ₱360,000 – ₱397,990 per year (PayScale)

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4. Social Media Specialists and Managers

Two of the most in-demand digital marketing jobs these days are done with the use of social media.

Social media specialists and managers create and maintain businesses’ social media presence to boost online business visibility. More than just checking Facebook, they build and execute strategies to grow and engage a social media following across multiple platforms and channels.

Salary range: ₱₱247,822 – ₱265,000 per year (PayScale)

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5. Email Marketing Specialists

Adept in copywriting and editing, email marketing specialists are tasked to write and execute persuasive copies, campaigns, launches, and other PR activities for lead generation and lead nurturing efforts.

Average salary: ₱299,158 per year (PayScale)

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Be Part of the Future of Digital Marketing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for businesses to go digital paved the way for more digital marketing jobs to open. With this, you have a great opportunity to explore this path and discover how you can grow as a digital marketing professional.

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