Here are Career Tips You Can Ignore

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Being surrounded by like-minded individuals as you progress in your career helps in your personal and professional growth. Further, having mentors and coaches to guide you along the way is a great advantage you can enjoy as a career person.

Aside from these, you might have searched for the best job tips online in hopes of improving who and where you are right now as a professional. How would you know which of them you should follow and ignore? Chances are, you considered following each and every piece of advice you received to fast-track your career growth. Apparently, that’s not how it works.

Every career journey is unique, hence there’s really no one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. That’s okay! You just have to find the best strategies that suit your situation and follow your own system as you go along. To help you better, let’s list a few career tips to ignore and focus on what you can do instead.

A great resume alone will get you hired.

From this career tip, note the keyword alone. Contrary to popular belief, having a well-written resume only helps you increase your chances of landing your target job. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job because you have to consider other factors as well, such as your skills and experiences.

Instead, treat your resume as a marketing tool—something to help you present yourself before recruiters and hiring managers to get an interview.

Ask for a promotion.

You might be wondering why this belongs to our list of career tips to ignore. Why won’t you ask for a promotion if you believe you have been an asset to the company, right?

One of your career goals may be getting a promotion in the next 3 years or even less. Who wouldn’t want that? However, directly asking for a promotion isn’t always the best way to achieve it. Here’s why: Instead of asking, show the company why they should promote you. You can do this by using your actions to show you’re fit to take on a higher role. It also helps if you continue upgrading your skills and staying on top of job trends so that you can plan your next steps for your career.

Networking is only for job searching or career shifting.

A common mistake professionals make is they stop building connections and meaningful relationships with people from a place of giving. This is another career advice to ignore.

Try viewing your network as your net worth. The value you can give to and receive from them will help shape how much you can grow in your field. With this, start connecting with people who can support you during the different stages of your career. Know more about why you should start networking or use this networking guide for introverts.

Further, one great way for you to build your network is to get access to more opportunities out there. Get connected with headhunters through Bossjob today! You can also sign up as a job seeker to gain direct exposure to thousands of companies.

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