6 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a Work From Home Dress Code

Bossjob 6 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a Work From Home Dress Code

One of the main advantages of remote work is the freedom to follow a more casual, less formal dress code. Without the need to go to the office, employees don’t have to spend more time preparing their day outfits deemed presentable for the traditional office setup.

However, it’s still best to get into the habit of maintaining some sort of a dress code even while you’re comfortable working from home. How about you? Do you dress up for WFH? Here are the top 6 reasons why you should follow a work from home dress code!

1. You can treat it as self-care.

Yes, you read that right! Dressing up and preparing for your workday can be a form of caring for yourself. This helps improve not just how you look, but also how you feel about yourself. Thus, this can also bring a positive impact on your emotional and mental health.

2. You can rely on it to boost your morale.

In relation to dressing up as a form of self-care, your overall mood is also affected by your choice of clothing. You can strike a balance between following a professional yet cozy dress code that you’re comfortable in. This way, you won’t have to worry about your WFH outfit making you feel uneasy throughout the day and further motivate you to get things done.

3. It can help signal your mind and body that it’s “work mode.”

It might seem too simple for you, but what you wear has a strong impact on your mindset and emotions. This study, for example, states that clothing translates the mood of an individual.

That said, it can affect your overall productivity as well. If you tend to find yourself slacking off while working from home, you might want to consider adding dressing up to your workday routine. This way, you’re kind of tricking your brain into thinking you’re in the office by dressing up for it, having less of a chance of getting distracted as well.

Further, having a work from home dress code helps keep you in the right mindset. It signals your mind and body that it’s time to work and that you’re doing this not to slack off but to actually get things done. Hence, it also allows you to maintain your self-discipline.

4. Sticking to a work from home dress code lets you leave a good impression.

Thinking of ways how you can boost your personal brand as an employee? Don’t underestimate the power of dressing up for work!

While it isn’t required for you to attend video calls with your whole body seen on the screen, make the most out of what your colleagues and superiors can see (half-body video). The impressions we give off through virtual interactions are important in maintaining a professional image even in the age of remote work.

Remember that the first impression lasts! Let this reminder convince you to suit up, most especially for key video calls you need to attend from time to time. Further, this doesn’t only apply to work. Dressing up appropriately is also one of the top video interview tips you should heed to ace your job hunt game! To put it simply, it allows you to maintain professionalism without making it too complicated.

Expert tip: You can plan your best work from home outfits ahead of time so that you don’t need to allot time for dress code planning every single workday.

5. You’re always ready for impromptu meetings.

Let’s face it: WFH setup allows us to prefer cozy outfits because we only get to face our computers all day. However, spontaneous video calls have been part of remote work more than ever. You wouldn’t want to deal with some last-minute scramble just to make yourself look presentable when that notification to join a meeting chimes in, right?

You can opt to slowly incorporate the routine of following a professional yet cozy WFH dress code. This is so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable right away!

6. Suit up for success!

Dress to make your dream a reality! Besides, manifesting what you desire helps you get motivated to achieve what you want for your career. One way to do that is to emulate your dreams. While putting in the hard work remains one of the main things you should focus on, being mindful of how you project yourself is also a key conscious effort in turning your career plan and manifestations into reality. Partner your can-do attitude and determination with a power outfit you feel most comfortable and motivated in. Doing this lets you get a glimpse of that success you want to achieve by working on your mindset and attitude toward the work you do.

Lastly, with all these reasons for you to take note of regarding your work from home dress code, you must not forget to have fun with it! No need to get all serious and so meticulous about it to the point that you’re on the verge of overdoing it.

4 More Ways To Discover Your Preferred Style of WFH Outfits

  1. Don’t be sloppy with your outfits. Keep it comfortable yet professional!
  2. Ask your employer for the dress code policy. Being on WFH setup doesn’t excuse you for dressing up informally unless it’s allowed by the company.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take it up a notch! If you want to be extra, wearing your go-to blazer or collared shirt can help do the trick.
  4. Add a personal touch! As aforementioned, following a dress code lets you boost your personal brand and leave a good impression. Opt to have that signature look during video calls and important online meetings through your work-appropriate outfits!

To conclude, maintaining a work from home dress code goes beyond experiencing physical benefits. In the long run, such a habit can help you boost your emotional and mental health as well.

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