Lost the Passion for Your Job? Here’s How to Work It Out

Are you experiencing a job burnout? Do you wake up in the morning and find it dreadful to prepare for work? Do you wish time to fast forward? To break? Or to get out the moment you step at work? Are you haunted by thoughts of whether you are still at the right place in your career? Don’t you feel the excitement you used to have before?

Normally, these things happen to anyone who has a job. Unfortunately, these things are happening to you now. You don’t have to fret, as it is not too late for you to bring back the passion that is once burning in your heart and through your veins. You can be the same person who looks forward to every day with your workmates and gets excited by every task entrusted to you. It would take some work, but with the right determination and will to change your current feelings of stress, exhaustion, and disengagement, you can be as good as new in what you do!




You may be lacking the excitement in doing your job for different reasons. What is the main cause of withdrawal in your motivation and happiness? Is it all because of a monotonous and boring line of activities coming to you at work every day or are there other sources of stress? May it be a problem with your boss or a workmate, frustration with your compensation, or something personal, you must be able to recognize the main problem to solve it. Take time to reflect and ask yourself about the root causes of your feelings. Remember that the first step to all problems is recognition!



If you realized that the problem is emanating from within and no external factor has made you feel this way, it’s now time to look at your work patterns and see what’s changed. Recall the first days you had in your job. What was the one thing that really excites you about going to work? What was the activity or the opportunity that makes your heart pumps and have you feeling butterflies in your stomach? Now, do you still have your hands on this task or activity? How can you do more of it? If not, what new things can you partake in to reclaim some of that excitement and enthusiasm? Find something related to your work that may bring you back the motivation you’ve lost. Hopefully, it is something productive and positive and nothing that will just add to the anxiety you are feeling. The important work starts here!



Once patterns and routines have already been established, it could be hard to do things that disrupt the status quo. You realize that the existing status quo is exactly what takes away the energy in you, right? So, this is what you have to change or at least, to spice up a bit! It could be manifested in simple acts such as having a round of catch-up questions with your colleagues before or after a meeting. You may have your brainstorming session standing up instead of the usual sitting down. You may even adapt changes in the way you work by having some music in the background or taking breaks every thirty minutes of a job well done. It is totally up to you! Anything that helps you boosts your mood while doing your job is a help in re-developing your passion towards it.



Did you just read something about taking a break? Yes! You have been so drowned in your pile of work and the stress that comes with it that you forget how to exist outside all of it. When given a day off, take a day OFF of all work-related stuff. Even the thought of currently not being able to enjoy your job you have to take off your mind! Remember your other passions and rekindle with your hobbies, even just for a day. It is how you can get the extra push to have a happier life and the extra dose of relaxation you badly need. Don’t think of it as turning your back from your job or as running away from the issues you have. You need to have a life outside work and trust that you earned this. You do.

After you have taken these reminders to heart and put them into action, you may realize that there is no amount of changing in your lifestyle at work or no longevity of break can bring back the passion you once had in your current work. Maybe the next new thing for you lies beyond what you have now, and that is completely understandable. You can start anew and find a greater passion for your career. Just do not forget to tuck these reminders with you as to keep your passion in check and to not fall into the same burnout situation again. Work it out!

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