The Pros and Cons of Being a Workaholic

Workaholic? This seems like a very loaded term as it can cover a lot of things and concerns. But to put simply, being workaholic is giving too much time for work to the extent that you are missing out on some of the things you have to attend to in your life.

Are you curious what you have been missing out from working too much? Think about these questions. Have you resolved a fight you have with a friend or a relative? Have you spent quality time with your loved ones lately? Have you spent time for yourself alone? Have you even changed your sheets for the past month? Treat yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while?

The questions above may just be some of which that would comprise the aforementioned. But what really are the pros and cons of being workaholic? Let us have a quick run through of them so we can identify the things to avoid and the things to renew.

First, being workaholic makes you productive all the time which is a pro. However, this might not give you time to attend to other things. Yes, you are productive, but are you happy? This means being productive at any part of the day. Contrary to this is being unaware of the time which really sucks the productivity in you.

People would have to admire our hard work and dedication. But you ask yourself, do you need affirmation from others? One of which could develop here is not having a sense of control to the point that you just keep working and working. How bad is that? You need rest!

One of the major cons? Work is always on your mind! Hey, human, you have other stuff to do. How about try unwinding or going to a mall? There’s more to life than earning money and beating deadlines!

You may be lacking in sleep because of too much work. Is this a no or a yes? You decide.

Most importantly, being a workaholic hinders you from growing in other aspects of your life. A good sentence-long advice is: do not marry your job. Period. Have a growth mindset. You deserve to grow.

One way to read this is, you have to prioritize your health. That includes mental, social, spiritual, moral, and more. Mental is considering how well your state is when it comes to emotions. Are you feeling burned out? Maybe you could use a little rest.

Social as to spending time with your circles. Big or small, doesn’t matter. Remember, you are a social being. You need to talk to people, it is a need.

Spiritual: do you believe in a supernatural being? Reconnecting with the one you believe can make you reflective.

Moral is assessing your actions—are they just and right? Intentions? Thoughts? Deeds?

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