Finding True Career Growth in a Company: BPO Green Flags | Part 2

Bossjob Customer Service Roles Finding True Career Growth in a Company: BPO Green Flags | Part 2

In Part 1 we talked about the positive company traits, specifically in corporate culture, that you should look for when looking at customer service roles in BPO.

There’s even more to look into when picking a great BPO company. Work-life balance, additional benefits, performance incentives, and flexible work arrangements can have a great impact on your career. Choose to work in a company that wants to give employees more because you deserve more. Here’s how an amazing BPO company treats employees:

More than just a salary

Companies can try to sway applicants with high basic compensation, tempting one-time sign-on bonuses, and other carrot-on-stick methods. A truly awesome workplace wants to reward its employees with more than just those.

Great performance incentives are a key factor to building a fulfilling career. A company that recognizes its employees’ efforts will have policies in place to tie compensation to the quality of work being given.

You should also give importance to the second part of a company’s “compensation and benefits.” The best employee benefits packages include other kinds of essential non-salary support: education assistance, professional development programs, work-life balance, and more.

So, remember: don’t just look at the basic compensation when picking among customer service roles. Dig deeper into what a company can really offer your life long-term.

More than just an employee

Yes, as an employee you’re expected to do work for your firm. But a good company recognizes that you’re human, not machine. Your psychological well-being in work should also be a priority.

Work by definition takes energy and makes us tired. Companies should understand employees need some rest and time away once in a while to maintain a good level of productivity. A workplace community that caters to these types of needs will have a great effect on your career longevity and overall happiness at work.

In addition, companies with flexible work set-ups are in high demand. The pandemic has shifted employee preferences towards hybrid and remote work arrangements. TTEC, for example, continues to offer a few positions with these flexible set-ups to try and find a balance between the employee experience and client needs; to bring humanity to business. Employees would appreciate companies who listen to their work concerns.

In fact, TTEC Philippines just received its Great Place To Work® certification, a recognition based on a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Philippines. They use direct feedback from employees through an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. So, it’s a real reflection of the job satisfaction at TTEC! Those employees have shared how their workplace makes them feel safe, heard, and accepted. That’s an employee experience worth going for.

Some companies will throw a higher salary your way to compensate for asking you to work longer hours, take on a greater workload, or accept inflexible conditions. You should take that as a red flag. Money can’t balance out fatigue and overwork.

More emphasis on work-life balance

More importantly, modern employees place great importance on psychological well-being at work, as well as balancing their professional life with their personal life. BPO companies that offer wellness programs and mental health support are gems. Career growth in a company shouldn’t come at the cost of your personal happiness. So, make sure you find out how these firms treat their employees beyond simple salary.

What’s the bottom line here? In a nutshell, you should look for a BPO company that shows how it values you beyond basic compensation and one-time bonuses. You deserve the best employee benefits packages and work environment you can get.

Find a company that allows you to make mistakes while still feeling supported, wants you to grow and lead, recognizes and rewards your quality performance, allows you to rest and find fulfillment in other things. If you work in a firm that has all these green flags, you’ve found a great place to succeed and build a strong career.

Sounds impossible? Maybe not. TTEC Philippines is more than just a BPO company, it’s a community that helps you reach for amazing. Go to now to check out their roles and see if it’s where your career belongs.

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