Things to Consider Before You Accept That Promotion

Foremost, congratulations on another milestone! Promotions are (usually) great. But now you may be in a dilemma as to whether you should accept or not. What are the things to consider before you sign that new contract? Normally, companies give time to their employees who get a promotion. Consider these things before you accept:

1. Know everything about the promotion

A promotion would require an adjustment from the responsibilities and reporting structure you currently have. Usually you would need to assume greater responsibilities. Would the promotion benefit you in terms of skills enhancement? How is it different from your current job? How big will these changes be? Often there will be pros and cons of accepting a promotion. Balance the positives with the not-so-positives logically.

2. Do you feel ready?

By this point, you should have an idea of whether you are ready and willing to take it. It’s not up to others to make the final decision. Your managers may feel that you are ready for the next step but you know yourself best. 

3. Examine the culture you are entering

Will you be able to fit in with the new culture? Will you be ready to work with the people in that department? Your new boss? Will you be able to take on a more managerial role, supervising employees. Remember that adjustments will take time, so don’t reject a promotion right away because you don’t think you will adapt immediately.

4. Is it in line with your long-term goals?

Can this promotion help you to grow in your career? Be sure that the new role will enhance your skill-set. You must figure out whether accepting the promotion will benefit you in the long run- does in align with your career aspirations?

5. Ask for your deliverables and responsibilities in written form or in a new contract

Ensure that you get a new contract from your company. Make sure you know what the expectations are of you so you can negotiate and adjust if necessary.

6. Seek advice from your support system

Your family and wider social circle can offer their thoughts on what is best for you. They know you well and may have their own experiences of job promotions to share with you, to help aid your decision-making.

Many opportunities knock only once. However, that doesn’t mean that you should jump in and accept any new opportunity without thought. Be careful you don’t enter something which you can’t really be firm or comfortable with. Take time to consider all the pros and cons and make a balanced decision. Ultimately, will this promotion make you happy and will it help you to achieve your long term career goals?

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