Things to Do When You’re No Longer Learning with Your Job

When we take on a new position, we usually expect to grow and develop with the job. Indeed, many of us expect continuous learning through the entirety of our careers. That’s not to say that we have got to learn new things every single day, but what if after months or even years on the job, you are not learning? Read on for suggestions on what to do when you are no longer learning with your job.


It should always start with you. What makes you feel that you’re not learning anymore? Is there something you hoped you would learn but didn’t, despite your best efforts?

Be honest- is the reason that you are no longer learning with your job due do a lack of motivation on  your part? If you have tried everything you could but are still not learning, perhaps you have outgrown the role or even the company? If this is the case then you should consider a career change. You can seek a promotion or switch to a new company to ensure that you stay motivated and continue to learn with your job.

Keep in mind how important that learning on the job is- the expertise you gain from learning will help you in the long run to be more employable and stand out in the increasingly competitive job market. So it may be a big step but finding new employment may be the best option for you.


Relating to the first point, it may be helpful for you to read up on career shift stories. There are plenty of excellent examples online about people making big career moves, ones they never thought they would make.

It is reported that career shift still happens when you reach the age of 35. Get inspired. Learn from these go-getting people. If it is your priority to be in a job where you are learning, then a career shift could be your answer.

Your current job must ensure your growth, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If ever you are torn, try listing down pros and cons of your decision. Balance your heart and mind to figure out your career shift. Prioritizing growth means you go to places you have never been. It’s like stepping out of your comfort zone to the fullest extent but the rewards would be high.


If your work is no longer fulfilling because of lack of workplace learning, then your performance is likely to be affected too. Perhaps it isn’t enough to only learn on the job. You may benefit by supplementing what you experience at work with courses outside of work.

There are many excellent online courses and classroom courses on a multitude of subjects that you can enroll in. By doing careful research and selecting the right course, you can bolster your skills and gain more know-how that you can put into practice at your work.


Try seeking advice from your good friends and family. They might be experiencing the same thing or may have experienced it before. In short, they might know what to do and how to combat it; the best advice comes from the best people in your life.  

There you have it, a few pointers on how to get back on track when you are no longer learning with your job. If learning with the job is important to you then don’t be afraid to take risks. If you have exhausted all options then it may be time to make a career shift so that you can continue to learn and grow. Good luck!

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