Your Career Didn’t Go as Planned…Here’s Why It Could Be a Good Thing!

Life may be comprised of varying moods, themes, episodes- you name it! It has its ups and downs. In reality you don’t always end up where you want in life. You’ve probably encountered a budding architect who turned out to be a teacher, an engineer who turned out to be a salesman, a teacher who turned out to be a banker, etc.

You start thinking of the personalities you know who ended up in a different career from what they had planned. Then you reflect on your own career and may realise that it did not go as planned. Have you considered why this could be a good thing? Here are some reasons why…


Ever thought of learning new stuff apart from the Management degree? Or that Computer Science degree? Or ever think about interdisciplinary thinking and approach? Here’s a tip- nowadays, the degree you earned isn’t really your prerequisite. Hence, most employers would probably look at your experiences and skills set before considering your degree.

Maybe your career took a turn and you learned skills you never dreamed of or never had the slightest interest in. These new skills can help you gain a competitive edge over others. It would surely impress the interviewer if you talk about an unexpected skill that you can bring to the job.

Considering a new perspective on your new career might help you learn exciting and holistic skills. It is much better to be in a career where you are continuously learning than one where you are no longer developing your skills. Holistic skills allow you to be verse in many environments, enabling you to stand out among other jobseekers. 


Who doesn’t like a thrill? 

This thrill is obtained from meeting new people, having new goals, and attaining refurbished objectives as part of your career. Look on the positive side- as one door closes another door opens. Don’t mull over the ‘what-ifs’ and instead re-focus the direction of your career and embrace the new possibilities. Think of any changes as a new, healthy challenge.


Your undergraduate degree may or may not dictate your career in the future. Whether right or wrong, your degree is a baseline passport to many companies- that it is a requirement that you have a degree.

Who knows, you might be needing your units in Business Administration in an arts-related job? Everything can be interrelated and interdisciplinary. Your degree would usually equip you with transferable skills such as analytical thinking, organisational and multi-tasking skills, time management, listening and delegation skills to name a few. Be ready to adapt these skills to whatever new and exciting direction your career may take you.

Remember, we learn each day. We’re all a work in progress. Imagine you’re an unending string; do not stop rolling out as this is comparable to our lives as imperfect individuals; we extend and extend to grow.


Change is healthy, as many people would claim. The popular phrase goes like: “chances, choices, and changes.” People do not get chances all the time. When there’s one or so, a choice has to be made. Not all of us are ready for change right away- adjustments take a little while.

While it is true that you may not always end up to where you planned, what matters most is how you make do of what is on hand. Stars may not always align as you expect them to, but the key to identifying the silver linings here can be summed up in two words:- keep going! Sounds familiar, right?

Now, you try to reflect on that. Ever thought about destiny? If you believe in such, why not consider thinking that everything happens for a reason. You won’t be placed in the room you’re in for no reason. Relax, you are doing good!

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