7 Essential Pieces of Career Advice for Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce globally. Although they are often criticized by the older generations as being the entitled generation with care-free attitude to career development, millions of millennials in the Philippines are already making remarkable breakthroughs in their chosen careers.

No doubt, making the right career choice can be intimidating for most millennials. This is not to say that they are less ambitious, but more of the fact that more millennials are graduating into difficult economic situations globally. Of course, the global recession beginning from 2008 has redefined many professions today. Therefore, it is imperative that every millennial gets a good career advice while preparing for the labor market so he or she can make the right career choice from the onset.

Thus, if you’re born between 1980 and 2000, and you’re having difficulties making the right career choice, here are 7 essential pieces of advice for you:

1. Choose a career you are passionate about

The first step towards building a great career is to choose the job you love. You can achieve this by looking inward, assessing the skills as well as the experiences you already possessed. Once you’ve arrived at a career for which you have great passion, then you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. If you work for money alone, you may soon get exhausted, and your career may suffer for it.

2. Always dream big

Strive to develop a “big dream” mindset. Your dream will determine the extent to which you will go in life. So, have a big dream for your future and never settle for less. Be ready to take great risks as well as have the willingness to pay all the prices required to attain your dream.

3. Build your experience and update your resume

Always update your resume! Your experience is what makes your resume tick. Recruiters are not interested in just your previous positions; they want to see your concrete career accomplishments while occupying such positions. So, let every experience counts and let your resume reveals how your professional capabilities have been of invaluable importance to your previous employers.

4. Network with real people within and outside of your industry

It’s true that you need to spend time socializing with people on social media, but you need real people to form the right characters needed to build a lasting career. You need real time colleagues as well as mentors to help put your career in shape. Therefore, always take deliberate efforts to network and build friendships with people within and outside of your industry who have the potentials to help you grow your career.

5. Be versatile with modern tools

We are now in the high-tech and digital era where new tools are surfacing every now and then. For this reason, today’s societies are in dear need of proactive individuals who are proficient with modern tools for doing business. Therefore, it is important that you invest your time and money in valuable tools that will help you to grow your career as well as make you indispensable in your place of work.

6. Focus on honing your skills

The world is in a faster motion today than ever. This suggests that if you want to stay relevant in your choosing field, you must be ready to engage in self-training and retraining through quality training programs, seminars, and webinars. By doing so, you will improve your career and become more valuable in your organization.

7. Get a mentor

If you want to move faster on your career journey, get a mentor. Look for people who have traveled on your chosen path and make them your compass. Trying to succeed through trial and error can impede your career, and possibly kill your dream. However, if you pick the right mentors, they will be the illuminators will help lighten your career path and won’t allow you to stumble.

If you’re a millennial, who is still trying to find your career path in life, adhering to these 7 essential pieces of advice will make your personal and professional growth a lot easier. Meanwhile, if you need more tips on how you can grow your career, visit Bossjob Blog now!

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