Pros and Cons of Working in Metro Manila

Metro Manila is known to have the best and booming industries in the Philippines. With this being said, most businesses are believed to multiply and fonder faster and be noticed by the general public easily.

Here are some general key points about the pros and cons of working in Metro Manila:


The Pros

1. High Concentration of Businesses

For most businesses, Metro Manila speaks of convenience as distances of each company to one another can be easily accessed. Communication and interactions among companies and partners benefit from this very much.

Speaking of establishing enterprises, the question would always be the potential location. Metro Manila is the center of almost all things, and is often regarded as the top location for establishing businesses and growing your career. Indeed, there are many locations in and around Manila which are fantastic for company team-building trips.


2.  Great for After-work Social Networking

For people who would like to dance their hearts out and witness the night life of Manilenos, Metro Manila would probably get “A” ratings.

Considering Metro Manila’s size, restaurants, bars, commercial establishments, malls, art spaces are scattered almost everywhere, in almost every city, among others. These help ease the stress people get from various things such as work, academics, and even personal problems,


3. Better Career Development

In terms of career growth, Metro Manila is home for multinational companies which often offer high-paying jobs especially in its business districts like Makati and Bonifacio Global City.

Careers in the metro are more abundant than the provinces. Workshops, training, and seminars are often done in the area as well. Top institutions are also located here, as mentioned in the previous passages.

These multinational companies do not just help its employers, but also our economy, to mention.


The Cons

1. Urban Pollution

Being home to a lot of establishments, businesses, and residential places, Metro Manila is also known for its pollution— and from this, one can say, there’s no part in Manila which is not polluted, be it land, air, or water.

Pollution is indeed harmful to one’s health as this is a pressing issue that is being resolved through various programs and activities of both government and non-government institutions and organizations.


2. High Population

Roaming around Metro Manila, you would probably notice the harsh realities in most unfortunate communities. One would notice that there are so much people in the metro. From mundane experiences in the streets, public transportation, and traffic— Metro Manila is overpopulated.

Some contributing factors include people flocking from the provinces to the city for their careers apart from the overpopulation itself despite poverty.


3. Heavy Traffic

Traffic in Metro Manila is undeniably sickening and unexplainable. Unlike some countries with better public transportation, Philippines has generally surprising number of cars in the streets each day contributing to the mundane congestion.

These traffic experiences affect people’s lives as they lessen their time for other important things, among others.


4. High Cost of Living

Since Metro Manila is the business center of Luzon, it is also known for its high cost of living. It is relatively more expensive to live in the metro compared to provinces. Goods and services are also more expensive.


Indeed, Metro Manila has its own pros and cons when it comes to working in the area. Just like many other places, it has its own crowning glory and daily dark struggles.

Working environments are indeed subjective and dependent on the person dwelling in it. This explains why people consider working out of town when the need arises. Also, Metro Manila may not be for everyone as some careers would progress in other places more like forestry, fisheries, and agriculture.


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