5 Movies About Work That Can Help Your Career

Not all movies are purely for entertainment, some offer much more. If you can pay more attention, there are movies that actually teach career development lessons. In the last two decades, we’ve seen a few movies that offer practical lessons for career growth. If you can pay attention to the content of such movies, you can gain lots of educational and inspiring wisdom that are applicable and useful to your career. 

If you’ve never seen any career inspiring movies before, and you’ve already planned to see one or two this weekend, here are 5 career-enhancing movies you can choose from: 

1. Office Space (1999) 

The Plot: Office Space is one of the most popular movies about workplace and career. This movie depicts a scenario that plays out when you work in a job you don’t like. It’s a 90-minute dissemination of everyday frustration, boredom as well as the rebellion that often takes place in the workplace. 

Important Career Lesson: One important take away from this movie is that it teaches the value of awesome co-workers. With the right people around you, you can withstand even the worst job. 

2. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 

The Plot: The movie unveiled the horrible experiences encountered by the main character from her boss. A boss with ridiculous demands can make your life miserable even while working in your dream job.

Important Career Lesson: One of the lessons learned here is that your dream job may not be the best for you, or may not offer you the most happiness. Again, it teaches you how to recognize it when you’re making too much compromise for your boss, or the extent to which you should allow your boss to take over your life.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) 

The Plot: The Pursuit of Happyess showcases Chris Gardner as someone who has always found it difficult to make ends meet. After getting the custody of his son, Gardner, in an effort to provide a better life for his young son, became more determined to succeed in his career. 

Important Career Lesson: The lesson from this movie is that if you set your eyes on your goal with unwavering determination to succeed, success will become inevitable. It’s never too late to take a bold step and make something of your career. 

4. Up in the Air (2009) 

The Plot: George Clooney is a corporate ‘downsizer.’ His job is to fire people. Clooney’s job also involves lots of business travels. This made his home and people therein “alien” to him. 

Important Career Lesson: Even if you have the best of jobs, you should never compromise the value of your home. Having a happy home is worth more than you would think. So, no matter how much you love your job, you should never underestimate the value of your home in making you feel safe, relax and beloved. 

5. The Intern (2015) 

The Plot: In this hilarious movie, you will find how Robert De Niro (Ben), a retired widower, foregoes boredom to take a menial position at a design company. He leverages the advantage of experience to manage his relationship with his much younger boss. 

Important Career Lesson: You should never underestimate the values of wise old heads. This movie will definitely open your eyes to the numerous career lessons you can learn from old timers in your workplace. 

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