5 Important Skills for the Philippines’ Job Market

Job search is not an easy task since you are competing with other candidates in the job market. The hiring managers of your target companies might have their inbox deluged with a lot of resumes from different applicants. Just like you, they are also aspiring to get hired for the same role. So, do you have what it takes to grab the hiring manager’s attention? Otherwise, he will skip your resume and proceed to the next one. The worse thing that can happen is he will not put your application in their pool of candidates. This means, your resume will just go to the trash bin. It’s like letting the opportunity slip away from your hands.     

Don’t let this happen to you. Impress your target employer by optimizing your resume. One of the effective ways to revamp your resume is by putting relevant skills in the job market. This will pique the hiring manager’s interest in you and will make them eventually invite you for a job interview.     

1. Computer Skills     

You know, gone are the days of manually creating reports. Also, professionals from diverse fields consult search engines to learn things about their respective crafts so they can do their work better and faster. Therefore, computer skills are obviously indispensable in the job market.     

2. Communication Skills     

Don’t think that communication skills are only for extroverts. Even introverted professionals use these skills so they are be able to coordinate well with the team, the client, or the superior. Actually, your communication skills can also help you state your qualifications effectively through your resume to make your job search successful.     

3. Problem-Solving Skills     

In every type of job, problems are inevitable. Thus, how do you deal with it? Do you gather information so you’ll be able to critique the situation and come up with a viable solution? If so, employers would love to have you as one of their assets.      

4. Project Management Skills     

Deadlines and other parameters come with any task. Project management skills allow you to smoothly execute the action plan and complete it in time within budget. In addition, project management skills include the ability to ensure the project’s overall goals align with the organization’s strategy.     

5. Organizational Skills     

If you can organize your tasks and your schedule, you will be efficient at work. Companies need an efficient approach in order for them to get more things done within a limited time. So, organizational skills will help you plan every day on the things that you need to do and  finish each task well. This in turn, can also save you time.        

If you have all these skills, then you have something significant to make your profile stand out. Job market competition is tough, so you need to be stronger than other applicants to be more suitable for job hiring opportunities. Since hiring managers set these skills for their ideal candidate, you should have these competencies as well. In addition, state some examples on your resume to substantiate your claim. These could be situations or tasks that made you apply the skills. It’s one way to boost your qualifications. Therefore, you’ll be more confident to start your job search and land a job soon!

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Photo by Patrick Amoy on Unsplash

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