4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Role

So maybe you took an entry-level job just so you can get started in the industry you wanted to penetrate. At first, you were able to convince yourself that the experience is more valuable than the salary of the job title itself. To some degree, this is true. After all, you really do need to gain experience and establish your network. However, after a while, this entry-level position may start to feel more like a chore instead of a stepping stone to your ultimate dream job. When that thought and feeling lingers, it could mean you have already outgrown your role.

Unfortunately, it may come at a point where you finally realized you’ve outgrown your job, but it’s quite too late and your employer has already started making decisions for you. It’s important to know the signs that you have outgrown your role and it’s time to move on. To help you out, here are four signs to watch out for.

1. You’re bored and everything feels like a routine

A little boredom can creep up on any employee every now and then. However, when you feel chronically bored to the point that you can no longer find joy in doing the tasks that you usually do, then it could be a sign you need something more.

Doing the same things over and over again has some benefits. For one, familiarity can make the job easier. You can even say that you can do your job in your sleep. Sadly, this may not be healthy. If your job no longer challenges you, it simply means you’ve overstayed in your position.

Routines are not all bad. They help you get organized. However, when a job is too predictable, it would seem like you’re operating on autopilot and boredom will always be around to nag you.

2. You’re no longer learning new things

If the primary reason you took your job is for you to learn the knowledge and skills necessary for your chosen profession, but you realize that you’re no longer learning anything new, then perhaps you’ve already learned everything that the role has to offer. Sure, you can try finding new knowledge outside your job. For instance, you can take online courses. However, this only reverberates the fact that your job itself no longer fulfills your need for new knowledge and experience.

3. You haven’t moved up despite tenure and good performance

When was the last time you were promoted or rather, were you ever promoted? If you haven’t experienced or you already stopped climbing the career ladder despite your best efforts and the pats on the back from your colleagues, maybe it’s a sign that there’s nowhere for you to go. Sadly, this could mean that the growth you’re longing for is something that your current company cannot provide.

4. Your level of satisfaction has waned

Satisfaction is subjective and relevant. One may be more satisfied with a job that is constantly challenging, while another is looking for calm and stability. No matter what you want from a job, if your current role cannot provide it, your level of satisfaction will definitely suffer. If you find yourself uninterested in giving your best, it’s probably best to move on.

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