The 5 Career-Defining Tech Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Prepare For Now

Technology in the workplace has helped workers accomplish more tasks in less time. Since technology has made business operations more productive, those who have expertise in this field have become more in demand than ever. The rate at which technology trends evolve can either intimidate or excite you. So, even if you’re not in the tech field, knowing the trends will prepare you for the upcoming changes at work.

1. Robotics

 Automation has become an integral part of business operations especially in the manufacturing industry where the evolution of robotics is much needed. Are robots going to replace humans in the workplace? Yes and No. Tasks that are repetitive and standardized and don’t entail decision making can be automated. Having these machines allows experts to focus on problem-solving processes that require creativity and adaptation. In addition, maintenance for robots also requires skilled workers to make it function well every now and then and avoid unexpected downtime. So, robotics does not completely rule out human capital.

2. Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) is the umbrella of immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Advancements in XR allow businesses to have a more creative approach on how to engage consumers. This also helps them persuade potential customers to buy their products. Through XR, businesses will soon be able to reach people across the globe since everyone is using a smartphone. XR changes how companies connect with consumers and how people collaborate on projects.

3. Computer Vision

It’s a form of artificial intelligence (AI) where a computer system can recognize and label objects. One example is facial recognition that helps you unlock your phone or identify people to tag on Facebook photos. In the workplace, computer vision can also be used to let you gain entry into your office building or detect explosive materials for airport security. Other uses of computer vision technology can be found in the areas of automotive, healthcare, agriculture, banking, etc. 

4. Autonomous Vehicles

While self-driving car technology can decrease the employment rate for drivers, this can also increase the demand for remote workers who can design systems for autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, this technology can benefit society. Reduced harmful emissions, fewer accidents, and less traffic congestion are some of the advantages. However, this also has some disadvantages such as computer malfunctions that can cause more serious accidents. That said, maintenance for this technology should be done with the utmost care.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are like virtual assistants designed to interact with humans. They never sleep and take vacations. They are customer service representatives that work round the clock. Though companies still need humans to communicate with their customers, chatbots will still be used in other ways such as information retrieval and online booking. Chatbot technology frees up more time for workers so they can focus on tasks that require creativity and reasoning. 

Always be prepared to welcome changes especially if you want to work for any top tech companies. They will surely keep up with technological advancements. They don’t want to be left behind. In fact, even those that are outside tech fields also use new technologies to streamline their processes and achieve efficiency in the workplace. So to keep your position at work or get a new job offer, you need to be adaptable to change.

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Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

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