Why Traditional Recruitment Doesn’t Apply to Tech

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Hiring new talents is done through recruitment agencies or by in-house teams. But in the age of tech and social media, processes should adapt to keep up with the competition.

Nowadays, the traditional recruitment process may not be applicable for tech jobs. Read on for the top reasons why.

1. Time restraints

Traditional recruitment and hiring require a lot of time, effort, and even resources. Depending on the needed role to be filled in and the number of applicants to be shortlisted, recruiters and hiring managers can see the processes as even more challenging.

The processes involve sourcing, communications, and manual interviews which all take a lot of time. Further, this means that recruiters have limited time on their hands to filter and assess applicants to fill the role. As a result, lack of thorough assessment and screening can lead to faulty evaluation and hiring.

This tedious method may not be effective for tech companies, which have rapidly growing recruitment and hiring needs.

2. Biased decision-making

The usual process of recruitment mostly relies on human opinion. That said, there may be unnecessary factors affecting human decision-making that may be subjective and irrelevant to the role.

This also opens doors for the risk of unconscious and biased hiring decisions. In the long run, this also cultivates workplace bias.

3. Lack of highly-qualified candidates

Due to the fast improvements and innovations in tech, there’s a significant gap between the in-demand roles and qualified candidates to fill those in. With this, the field of tech became more diverse. Tech job positions need candidates with a specific combination of skills and talents. With this, it is more challenging to find suitable professionals to fit the role. Take skilled developers for example. Since tech is on a continuous, exponential growth over the years, “skilled” can be outdated.

With the fact that top developers and other tech pros are highly in-demand, companies need to fast-track their efforts to snag these quality talents. Utilizing the traditional recruitment process in this setup may risk employers losing top candidates to companies who offer more competitive salaries and use modern methods of recruitment.

4. Rapid growth of online recruitment

The rise of social media paved the way for modern recruitment methods. Job seekers use online platforms for job search, career resources, and professional networking. With that, recruiters need to go where their potential talents are.

As recruiters and employers, you should look into how social media can help you reach out to more tech pros. However, you may still need to consider an in-depth screening process once you’ve shortlisted candidates for your open positions. At least, utilizing online platforms in sourcing for quality talent helps you scratch off the tedious candidate search off your to-do list.
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