Tips for Interviewers in Selecting the Right Person for the Job

Bossjob Tips for Interviewers in Selecting the Right Person for the Job

The importance of selecting the right candidate for the job is crucial to the overall business processes in the long run. So, as an interviewer, your role is to help ensure that the company is selecting the right person for the job.

That said, heed these tips on how to hire the best candidate for your job openings.

1. Focus on specific experiences and achievements

If you’re hiring for a position that requires prior work experience, use the method of asking job candidates about their previous job responsibilities, challenges they’ve encountered, and how they dealt with certain situations. This way, you can assess their skills and aptness for the job.

2. Gauge their work ethic and attitude

When you ask a candidate to talk about their previous jobs, pay attention to the language they use. This may indicate hints that they had difficulties working with colleagues and/or management before. Such detail can help you identify how they approach work and if they fit into your company culture.

Also, you may ask them about how they handle stressful workloads, fast-paced work setups, and changing priorities. This way, you’ll also be able to grasp what kind of employee they are based on how they react to and address such challenges faced at work.

3. Provide projects or tasks they can work on

What better way to see if a candidate is up for the challenge than requiring them to actually perform the role they’re interviewing for? However, you must not focus on the end result only. Giving relevant tasks to candidates is a smart move for you to see how they will develop systems, take initiative, and find solutions.

4. Take note of the questions they ask (and how they ask them)

Ideally, the most fitting job candidates must have questions about the job opening, your organization, and the culture. See if their questions are insightful, indicating that they’re interested in the role.

Doing this can also help you get more meaningful information about how they process your answers to their questions and know the things they value in an organization or a job.

5. Ask yourself some qualifying questions, too

After the interview, sit down and do some further assessment before you offer the role to a candidate. Of course, your goal is to be able to answer these questions:

  • Is the candidate fit to hone the skills needed for the job?
  • Is there enough motivation for the candidate to take on the role?
  • Is the candidate willing to be trained or coached?
  • Does the candidate fit the team or company culture?

At the end of the day, the most important way how you can assess if you’re selecting the right person for the job is to look beyond what’s written on their resume. The most fitting job candidate should possess the most basic skills needed and the mindset and willingness to grow in the organization.

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