How to Get Yourself Ready for Online Job Interview during Coronavirus Lockdown

Even though many companies suspended their operations due to coronavirus lockdown, they still need to fill their job vacancies. Thus, their respective recruitment teams don’t stop finding the right talents to work with them when the crisis is over. On the other hand, other employers are hiring remote workers. Therefore, you have the opportunity to earn a living even on lockdown. You can set a goal and take the necessary steps to achieve it amidst the pandemic. Find a job online and when you get an interview invitation, get ready for it. Your preparation can make or break your chances of winning the offer. Here are the tips on how to ace your online job interview.

1. Test your tech

Make sure your computer, audio settings, camera, and internet connection are working properly. Do a test run for the application you’re going to use in your online job interview. If it’s Skype, check the settings then fix or adjust what’s needed such as the brightness of the camera and the sound quality of the audio device.

2. Pick the perfect spot

As much as possible, choose a white background. If you don’t have it, then pick a spot where your interviewer will not get distracted. Clear your clutter. Avoid places like the kitchen and the living room. These areas are fine as long as you can set up a plain background, use natural light, and there’s no one to disturb you.

3. Remove distractions

Put your phone in silent mode before the start of the job interview. Close all tabs on your computer that are not related to the discussion such as your social media accounts. Notifications can divert your attention from the interview and make you lose your train of thought.

4. Dress appropriately

Treat your online interview the same way you approach the traditional one. Make yourself presentable by wearing professional attire with minimal accessories. Create a good first impression because it matters. So, know what to wear to an interview to put your best foot forward.

5. Be personable

Making eye contact is necessary even in an online job interview. Look at the webcam to engage yourself with the interviewer. Smile often to show your eagerness for the position you are applying for. Be authentic when you do this. If you really want the job, it will be easy for you to do it naturally.

6. Be prepared

Online interviews are no different. You still need to do research about your prospective company and prepare for possible questions. Employers would love to hear what you know about them. Being aware of the things relevant to the company can make your enthusiasm shine during the online interview.

What you do today will have an impact on your future. Therefore, don’t let this pandemic hinder you from job hunting and getting invited for interviews. Overall, the approach is still the same except that interviews are conducted online. You just have to maintain professionalism and focus on how you can contribute to your potential employer. Be determined despite this period of uncertainty to keep your career goals on track. So, set yourself up for success even on lockdown. You’ve got this.

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Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

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