A Quick Guide to Following Up on a Job Application

It’s good that you have sent an impeccable cover letter as well as a job-tailored resume to apply to your dream job, but the journey to securing an interview opportunity, and ultimately, get hired may not have ended yet. Of course, you need to do some follow-up after your job application so as to increase your chances of securing the job. The problem, however, is not everyone knows how to follow up on a job application.  

The truth is, there are right and wrong ways of following up on a job application. So, if you don’t want to ruin your chances of getting hired, it’s imperative that you learn the right approaches.  

In case you applied for a job, and you’ve waited for about a week or two afterward without any answer, then it’s time to start considering a follow-up. But, there is a caveat.  

Before you follow up, it is important that you take a second look at the job posting. By doing this, you will be able to have a fresh grasp on the instructions that accompanied the job offer. Some recruiters may have stated explicitly in the job ad that they do not want to be reached by applicants, while others may have already provided the exact response date in the ad. It is important that you play by the rules so you don’t jeopardize your chances of landing the job. Some employers may feel harassed if you bombard them with too many emails and phone calls. So, we recommend that you consider the following 5 steps when doing a follow-up on a job application:  

1. Make use of your connections 

Once you have done your homework concerning the ad requirements and you have waited for a reasonable number of weeks, it’s time to do your follow up. So, if you have an insider or someone who knows someone in the company, you can use the person as your contact to know your application status as well as the status of the recruitment process.  

2. Get the hiring manager’s contact 

If, however, you don’t have any contact in the company, then you should check if the hiring manager’s contact information is provided in the job offer. If not, then visit the company’s website for the hiring manager’s email address.  

3. Write a follow-up email to the hiring manager 

Once you have the hiring manager’s email address, you should do a follow-up letter directly to him or her. Keep your follow up letter short and polite, with a clear subject line indicating the particular job application that you’re following up. 

4. Make a follow-up phone call 

Alternatively, you can make a phone call if you have the hiring manager’s contact phone number. Introduce yourself after a polite greeting and go straight to the point. Inform him or her about the job application for which you applied, and that you just want to know if your application has been received. Also, make it clear that you’re looking forward to an interview.  

5. Don’t over do it 

Make sure you don’t get creepy about it. Unless the hiring manager permits you to call at certain intervals, don’t follow up for more than two times. Otherwise, your follow up efforts may soon become irritating. 

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