How to ‘Be Yourself’ in an Interview

You have succeeded in the initial rounds of the selection process — being shortlisted to get to the door of your prospective employer. Of all the applicants, you are one of those who have qualifications that caught the hiring manager’s attention. Now, it’s time to ace your job interview. But one wrong move could turn everything upside down. That is, faking your personality in front of your potential boss. You don’t have to be perfect to get the role. Aside from your qualifications, authenticity is what the hiring manager wants to see during the conversation.

4 Ways to Be Yourself in a Job Interview

1. Be genuinely interested

It always starts with you. Even though we all need the paycheck, any employer would choose someone who has the enthusiasm for the position. So, express your interest during the interview. Though it’s possible that there’s one thing you don’t like about the role, focus on the things that you genuinely like about its duties and responsibilities. Doing so allows you to be authentic without having to show off.

2. Wear a comfortable outfit

An Interview is not a time for you to experiment on a new attire. Wear an outfit that makes you look professional without compromising your comfortability. Trying something new can only make you feel uneasy while speaking with the hiring manager. You should also choose an outfit that matches your personality. This will allow you to present your best authentic self.

3. Speak about your experience

Giving theoretical answers all the time can make the interviewer sense you’re not being true to yourself. There are interview questions that require real-life answers such as sharing your experience on how you handled pressure in a particular situation at work. Giving a general answer like “I just calmed down, took a deep breath, and just worked on the project” might just be the same as other candidates’.

4. Avoid too much preparation

It’s good to prepare yourself for your interview. But memorizing everything will make you sound like a robot. Let your true personality shine through your answers. It would be great if the hiring manager perceives your eagerness as you speak about how you can contribute to the organization. Remember, they are used to interviewing different candidates. So, they can easily spot a memorized script.

While there are other reasons why you can’t get a job aside from not being yourself in an interview, these tips can help you take it up a notch to win a job offer. Other candidates might have the same skills and years of experience as yours but it is your personality that will allow you to be unique and interesting.

It’s normal to be anxious during a job interview. But don’t let this overwhelm you. You received an interview invitation because they got interested in you. So, there’s no need to talk and act like someone you’re not. Be smart about how you show your true personality while maintaining professionalism. This increases your chances of being chosen for the role. Then the last question you might get asked is, “When can you start?”.

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Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

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