Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back & How to Get Your Application Noticed

You’ve probably sent your resume with a compelling cover letter to different companies for 2 weeks. But as you open your email every now and then, you haven’t received any response from them. If you are currently employed, you might be itching for a new job and are ready to make a career move. On the other hand, if you are jobless right now and monthly bills scare you, you might be anxious as to when you’ll ever be able to get an interview invitation.

Try to refresh your inbox. One more time. Unfortunately, there’s still none. You know you’re not the only candidate for the positions you’ve applied for. Here are the reasons why you’re not hearing back and what to do with each factor to get your application noticed.

1. You are sending a generic resume and cover letter

A generic resume or cover letter can make you look unqualified for the role. Have you carefully read the job requirements? If the hiring manager doesn’t see the core competencies they’re looking for on your resume, they’ll proceed to the next profile. But this is not for you to lie on your resume. You just have to relate your current skills to what the job entails.

Solution: Strategically state your qualifications that match their requirements. Use relevant keywords. Include your past accomplishments and transferable skills that are pertinent to its duties and responsibilities. That’s how you can tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. 

2. You really aren’t qualified for the position

It’s a straightforward answer. It’s either you are underqualified or overqualified. Companies are trying to weed people out by stating specific requirements on their job postings. That’s their way of attracting the right candidates for a particular role. They don’t want to waste their time reading any resume that doesn’t meet the conditions.

Solution: Be thoughtful about where to apply. You might see even one requirement that is nonnegotiable on their part. One way to boost your qualifications is to take a short course and accept a freelance project even for a low fee at first to gain work experience.

3. You don’t follow instructions

There are job listings that state what their candidates should submit aside from their resume. That could be a cover letter, writing samples, or a subject line that you should put in the email. Sometimes, they require applicants to send resumes in PDF format. So, if you send it in Word document, you will create a bad impression that you can’t follow even simple instructions. 

Solution: Have an eye for detail. You have to carefully read the entire job posting. If they say they require 3 examples from your portfolio, then give them exactly what they need. You’ll be on top of other applications that didn’t follow all their prerequisites. 

It’s time for you to move on from that silent rejection. Revamp your resume and tailor it to every role you’re applying for by matching your qualifications with their job requirements. Consider all their instructions before you hit send. Because fixing these 3 issues can significantly improve your job search results.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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