Applying for Jobs that Need Experience (Without Experience)

Isn’t it dreading how most employers these days seek job applicants with years of background? It’s actually a common struggle newbies face; you need a job to gain expertise, but the recruiter expects you to have acquired it already. Thus, applying for a job that needs experience can be tough, especially when you have no experience to begin with at all. 

Let’s say you’ve sent in your resume. After the nerve-wracking wait, you’ve finally got the call.  Now all that’s left to do is get past that interview. But, due to the qualifications required, you become reluctant if you can back yourself up when you have little to offer. To help you avoid these gut-wrenching situations, we’ve put together sound advice on landing that dream job without the mental strain.

1. Tailor your resume.

Kick-off your shoes, open your computer and start writing your resume. Collate all the information you have that align with the job you’re targeting (i.e. skills, experiences) and omit all the irrelevant details. Keep your resume as targeted as possible. By doing so, you’re ridding yourself of unnecessary bargainings in interviews. If you have little to no background on the field you’re pursuing, highlighting skills you already possess can be of great help. Moreover, if you were involved in training, volunteering acts, or projects that align with your target job, don’t hesitate to include those as well.

2. Learn the skills required.

Don’t go balking if you have nothing to offer. We don’t know for certain that you have nothing yet; you can always get the skills that the job demands. Learning new skills will help not only your professional career but your personal growth as well. Do in-depth research on the skills your target job requires and spend time learning each skill. Plus, you can look back on your resume or CV and see the skills you already have. Taking time to refine these pre-existing skills will surely help you in the working industry as well.

3. Show authenticity.

Whether it’s the application or interview date, as it runs near, you might wonder, “how do I become more of myself in an interview?” And the answer is not as easy as it sounds. Breaking a sweat is important, but letting all the troubles get into you will wear you out. So, don’t try and suppress a nervous breakdown—it can backfire on you at the last minute. Take deep breaths, review the questions you have practiced answering. By staying calm, you can welcome the interviewer’s questions with ease.

4. Emphasize your edge.

Finally, to land that job post, you must learn the art of humble bragging. So, when the interviewer asks about your competitive edge, you can freely market your skills. Listen and pay attention to your interviewer. This is the only way to know how they’re responding to your discussion. Moreover, consider the right timing to bring up your relevant skills and achievements. Bragging abruptly can cause a wrong impression on your employer’s side. Lastly, emphasize why you’re the right candidate for the job.

Applying for a job that needs experience can be fearsome. But don’t fret. Noting these tips on landing a job without experience is certain to help you in the process. Bear in mind that keen attention and proper planning are the keys to success in this field.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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