Is There Really A Need For A Cover Letter?

Indeed, conceptualizing and writing a cover letter takes time and effort. If you’re an applicant, you probably have thought if cover letters are still relevant in today’s job search. So, we’re here to let you know how important cover letters are. Read on to know its value and why you need to write one today.

Importance of a Cover Letter

It’s convenient to submit a resume or a curriculum vitae (CV), so should you just skip the cover letter? Unknown to most applicants, companies prefer candidates with cover letters more than applications with a single resume attached. While this may depend on the role you’re trying to get into, it’s still a crucial tool that plays a key role in deciding whether you’re fit for the position or not. Who knows, maybe a cover letter is one of the reasons why you’re not getting the job you want. Below are some pointers on why you need a cover letter.

A cover letter details your background.

A cover letter tells your story—briefly but with extreme precision. It’s you explaining why you deserve the job. Writing why you’re fit for the position and backing your claims up with solid skills and experiences will certainly land you the job.

A cover letter personalizes your application.

Even if not required by most companies, cover letters are usually preferred by hiring decision-makers. This is because resumes and CVs are in-depth documents that prove your credibility. So, what sets a cover letter apart from these documents? Cover letters are your personalized approach to job applications. You’re writing directly to the person who will evaluate your application. Here, you can express why hiring you can benefit the department and the company as a whole.

Here’s a tip: Before you apply to a certain position, know if the job posting requires a cover letter. This will help you prepare for the application faster. Don’t waste time by putting in too much effort if it’s not needed. There are cases where a portfolio is preferred over a cover letter. So to get started, know first what you have to submit. Read the job description thoroughly and note the requirements needed. By doing so, you’re saving yourself time and effort by simply noting these information. Once you know what’s needed and what’s not, proceed to write your formal documents and tailor it to the role you’re applying for. Have faith in the process. If you want the job, don’t hesitate to give it your all.
Now you’ve learned the value of applying with a cover letter. But do you know the correct way of writing it? A cover letter, when written properly, can help you grab an interview even if your resume lacks the required credentials. Know the most common cover letter mistakes you need to avoid to write a perfect one. Marketing yourself is not easy, so be sure to choose the correct words and construct your sentences carefully. Because most likely, the cover letter you passed will be the gateway to your job application success.

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