Follow-Ups In Your Job Search

As an applicant, you put a great deal of effort into preparing and applying for your target job. Plus, if you’re the type to apply for several jobs at once, you may find yourself at loss on where to start following up. What if you’ve submitted an application to several ideal companies but never heard back from them? If you don’t know what steps to take next, we’ve listed a guide on how to follow up on your job application. 

Send them an email.

This sounds easy until you actually sit down and do it. Sending a follow-up email mostly applies to applicants who wish to hear back from the companies they sent their resumes to. When writing a follow-up email, start by writing the correct subject heading. Then, put the job title you applied for along with your name so whoever reads your subject line knows exactly what your concern is. For the body, be sure to address the hiring managers with a polite salutation and a formal tone. Also, if you are unsure of who you’re writing the email to, always refer to the company’s name. Remember to end your email with a proper closing remark; and finally, your name with your contact details below it.

Make a follow-up phone call.

If you know the company’s contact details, try to give them a quick call. Assume that the HR department won’t receive your call first-hand—greet the other line first and say your name. After this, you can freely express your intent, and to whom you’re directing it to. Don’t forget to leave your contact details, so it would be easy for them to call you back. On the contrary, if you happen to reach the hiring manager successfully, say your intent precisely. Ask them about the position and when you’ll be able to hear from them. Be brief but interactive—don’t be scared to engage.

Keep in touch.

After an interview, if given the chance, ask the hiring manager for their contact details or other mediums where you can stay in touch. If possible, grab this opportunity and ask them for feedback on how your interview went and the areas where you can improve. If you failed to do so, don’t worry, there’s a lot of ways to keep yourself updated even without making an official phone call. You can either follow their company on their social media accounts or check on their website from time to time. By monitoring them this way, you’ll know if the job position you applied for has been fulfilled or not.

If you haven’t heard back from several companies, don’t fret. Chances are, they’re either taking their time reviewing your application or skimming through all the other applications. Don’t jump into conclusions that you’ve failed already. Just take your time and be sure to follow up. Getting uncertain is pointless unless you take any action to get the answer you expect. So, while waiting for their response, use the time you have to prepare for the interviews to come. Better yourself while you still have the time and resources so you’ll be able to land a job that suits you perfectly.

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