Tips for Fresh Graduates to Prepare for Job Searches Amidst COVID-19

Back in the old normal, job search can really be challenging for fresh graduates. However, the pandemic added to the challenge. Finding a job after college is hard, but fresh graduates will now need to adjust to the “new normal” of hiring and job searches as well. There can be delays in interview days, and the hiring process takes more time than usual. Here are some job search tips for fresh graduates like you to get equipped for your career.

Job Search Tips for College Graduates

Take time to craft your job search tools.

You should use this downtime to customize your resume, cover letter, and other tools to help you get started for your job search. Learn how to write your own resume and highlight your strengths even if you’re a fresh graduate.

Take a closer look at your college’s or university’s career initiatives and check for free consultations – be it for resume writing, options on job roles, or even free online career coaching – to help you prepare for your job search.

Consider short-term or unexpected jobs for now.

Since it can be challenging for fresh graduates like you to land a job that’s within your field of study, you can consider applying for jobs that are adjacent to your field in the meantime. Look for vast opportunities online, from LinkedIn and Facebook job postings to online job sites such as Bossjob to find the perfect short-term job. It can be frustrating to land a job that isn’t aligned with what you specialize in, but this can help you gain skills that you can use to advance your career later on.

Let’s admit, getting a job after college with no experience can be a bit intimidating but this is your chance to acquire more skills and experiences in different fields. These can help you gain more hands-on knowledge that you can apply to your future jobs and add to your professional expertise.

Along with the “new normal”, trends in the job market are now shifting to include more virtual or remote job opportunities, so be ready for online interviews and video calls.

Learn new skills and invest in yourself.

Take up online courses to add knowledge and gain new soft and hard skills. This doesn’t only help you in your career growth, but also in your personal development. Remember, you are your own best investment. Take some time and effort in improving your skills to present yourself as an asset to your potential employer, as well as the community.

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