How to Benefit from Virtual Career Fairs During the Pandemic

Traditionally, career fairs were one of the main places for almost all types of job seekers to meet and interact with different companies. But since the pandemic happened, a lot had to change and adapt. Due to the health and community protocols, we aim to maintain physical distancing and avoid large gatherings. With that, job fairs are now online.

Since we use technology to make virtual job fairs possible, recruitment and job application processes need to adapt to the virtual world. Before, job seekers can walk in and meet different company recruiters and professionals. They undergo pre-screenings and/or informal interviews with chances of getting hired on the spot.

However, in virtual fairs, it’s a whole different story. They take place at a specific time, similar to webinars. Job candidates must register in advance to get the online details of the event, and meet with recruiters through teleconferencing, chat rooms, and email to communicate about the job postings and other processes.

That said, one must know how to prepare for a virtual career fair to get the most out of this fairly new kind of searching and landing a job during a crisis.

Kickstart Your Career Through Making the Most Out of Your Virtual Job Hunt

Of course, just like in a traditional job search, you must be well-equipped for virtual job fairs.

With that, heed these steps you need to take and the tools you need to prepare to fully enjoy the benefits of virtual career fairs.

Get your job search tools ready.

Make sure that your resume and other credentials are prepared. Have your digital copies on your device handy in case recruiters ask for it. Make sure your documents are properly formatted.

Your gadgets and devices are also vital job search tools in time for virtual job fairs. You need to have access to the internet to search, register, and attend online fairs.

Do your research.

Know more about the company and industry you’re planning to join. Also, take note of the requirements, instructions, and other details posted or sent to you. Abiding by the virtual job fairs’ guidelines doesn’t just increase your chances of getting invited for the fair, but you also get to maintain professionalism.

It can also be vital for you to research the common virtual career fair questions to manage your expectations and prepare your questions and answers in advance.

Grow your network and grab opportunities from various channels.

Utilize social media platforms and job posting sites to your advantage. Don’t limit yourself to 1 to 2 channels only, because there are a variety of upcoming virtual career fairs you can find.

However, you must learn how to prioritize your applications and online registrations. Come up with a schedule management system and track your job search activities.

Engage well with recruiters.

If you have the chance, interact well with recruiters and/or facilitators before, during, and after the virtual career fair. Always maintain professionalism even if communication mainly takes place virtually. This also lets you hone your interpersonal skills and learn how to efficiently present yourself.

For more help, review how you can get yourself ready for online job interviews during a pandemic.

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