Why You Should Research on Company Culture Before Your Job Interview

What role does culture play in an organization? The importance of culture in business doesn’t just stop in maintaining a reputable image. It also reinforces trust and long-term relationships with business partners, team members, and leaders who help keep the business going.

Here are some ways for you to figure out if you and your target employer are a good fit:

  • Envision your definition of an ideal employer and/or team. If you’re really aiming to land a job in a company that aligns with your vision, target those companies with similar values as yours.
  • Research about the company online.
  • Talk to people in your network and ask about your prospect company.

So, why do job seekers like you need to conduct research on company culture before your job interview? Read on!

It lets you assess if the company’s values and mission align with yours.

On their website, read the company’s mission statement and core values. You can also check how they wrote their web copy and the overall design of their site. This way, you can then evaluate if what the company believes in and represents resonates with you.

This works best for job seekers who opt to think long-term in their career. Considering this point helps in thorough decision-making if your target employers are those who you believe will help you achieve ideal career growth.

It’s necessary to check on the company’s reputation.

While it’s part of the employers’ or recruiters’ task to do background checks on job candidates, job seekers also have to conduct brief company background checks before proceeding with their job applications.

Since you’re focusing on doing research on company culture, you can check employee reviews and other insights on how it’s like working on your prospective employer. This way, you can get a gist of what to expect from the organization.

It also helps you prepare for possible cultural interview questions.

First, here are some of the common interview questions about company culture:

  •  Describe the environment in which you work best.
  • Describe your ideal boss or supervisor.
  • Do you prefer to get performance feedback through formal reviews or informal meetings?
  • Why do you want to work for and with us?

To be able to better understand and properly answer these, you must at least get a big picture of how the company or organization performs and operate based on their working culture. The recruiters’ main objective when they ask these questions is to screen qualified candidates who will fit or easily adapt to the established systems and inner workings of the organization. Further, this helps them assess and make recommendations where the candidate will be assigned and what other positions may suit the job seeker.

Lastly, job seekers like you should exert effort into your job search journey. Consider researching your target company’s working culture to know if you have the potential to be a cultural fit in their organization!For more career advice and job search tips, check out more of Bossjob’s blogs!

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